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Spain's Crisis is Europe's Opportunity - Project Syndicate

The Catalonia crisis is a strong hint from history that Europe needs to develop a new type of sovereignty, one that strengthens cities and regions, dissolves national particularism, and upholds democratic norms. Imagining a pan-European democracy is ...and more »

Catalonia's referendum unmasks authoritarianism in Spain - The Conversation US

I have long worried about the rise of authoritarianism in the European Union. The Spanish government's violent crackdown during the Catalonia referendum on Oct. 1 is the latest crisis to challenge EU institutions. Several member states are facing ...and more »

The Resilience of Spanish Democracy - Project Syndicate

There is more to Spain than the simmering confrontation between the government and the would-be separatists of the Catalonia region. As even that conflict shows, the country deserves notice for its resistance to divisive anti-immigrant and xenophobic ...and more »

Catalonia: hundreds of thousands join anti-independence rally in Barcelona - The Guardian

Police say 350,000 have protested against regional government's separatist course, but organisers say 930,000 joined in. Sam Jones in Madrid and Stephen Burgen in Barcelona. Sun 8 Oct 2017 10.03 EDT First published on Sat 7 Oct 2017 21.09 EDT. Share on ...and more »

Spain's Article 155: The constitution's 'nuclear option' - Deutsche Welle

Article 155 is the most extreme measure available to Spain's government, allowing it to take over the running of an autonomous region, should it declare independence. That could be invoked as soon as Saturday. In political circles, the article is known ...and more »

Why the EU is right to back Spain against Catalan separatism - The Conversation UK

Until the events on October 1, in which images of police violently preventing people from voting in Catalonia's referendum on independence were beamed around the world, the European Union kept a very uniform position: this is a Spanish affair. After ...and more »

Spain apologises for violent crackdown on Catalan vote - Irish Times

Spain apologised on Friday for a violent police crackdown on Catalonia's independence referendum, in a conciliatory gesture as both sides looked for a way out of the nation's worst political crisis since it became a democracy four decades ago. Spain's ...and more »

The Ghost of Franco Still Haunts Catalonia - Foreign Policy (blog)

Nothing is certain after Sunday's manic referendum in Catalonia, where separatist forces pushed for an independence vote amid a crackdown by the central administration in Madrid that included declaring the vote unconstitutional, disabling the internet ...and more »

Catalonia And Brexit: The Same Nationalism - Social Europe

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, will not enter the history books as an enlightened leader. However, when in 2014 he had to decide to allow the Scottish referendum, he used his brain and opened the door for the referendum. It took place on ...and more »

How the Catalonia crisis could have been avoided - Irish Times

Following Spain's transition to democracy in the 1970s, Catalan nationalism was marked by moderation, caution and gradual progress. The Catalan movement has eschewed separatism in favour of a plural and decentralised vision of Spain, itself anchored in ...and more »