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In Europe, accusations of Russian meddling in elections come as no surprise - PRI

US Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr recently made headlines when he said: “The Russians are actively involved in the French elections.” But that was not news to the French. One of their leading candidates for president, Marine Le Pen ...and more »

Why the New Cold War Is More Dangerous Than the Preceding One - The Nation.

Questionable but orthodox Cold War narratives make actual war with Russia more likely than during its 40-year predecessor. By Stephen F. Cohen. April 19, 2017. fb; tw; mail; Print; msg; wa; sms. logo. Tales of the New Cold War: False narratives, phony ...and more »

'EVERYBODY in the world will die' Shock US and Russia nuclear war warning - Daily Star

Top US nuclear war researcher Greg Mello said the potential for conflict between the two military superpowers is rising. Relations have turned sour in recent weeks after Donald Trump bombed a Syrian airbase in revenge for a chemical attack. Moscow has ...and more »

Russian NUCLEAR bombers intercepted by US jets as Putin squares up to Trump - Daily Star

Moscow's mighty “Bear” bombers blasted past Alaska last night in a shock move to square up to Washington. It is closet Vladimir Putin's warplanes have come to the US since President Donald Trump took over in the White House. Fighter jets were placed on ...and more »

Russian bomber plane 'destroys enemy submarine' as Putin prepares for war - Daily Star

Moscow military chiefs tested the deadly capabilities of the Tu-142MZ anti-submarine aircraft during a war drill in the far east of Russia. Vladimir Matveyev, spokesperson for the Russian Pacific Fleet, confirmed the plane blew up an electric “enemy ...and more »

Moscow air defences put on 'COMBAT ALERT' in readiness for possible WW3 - Daily Star

Air defence units in the Moscow region were put on alert as part of a snap combat readiness check, the Russian Defence Ministry said. More than 1,000 troops and 100 weapons systems were involved in the dry run for World War 3. Vladimir Putin has put ...and more »

Russia blasts missiles into sky in chilling test run as military put on alert for WAR - Daily Star

The video comes just days after it emerged Putin had moved military forces to the border of North Korea in preparation for WW3. The Russian president has warned the world is just a "hair's breadth" from an apocalyptic nuclear war. And Moscow air ...and more »

2018 World Cup: Russia pass new laws - Starr 103.5 FM

Amid concerns over disruption at next year's World Cup, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a federal law that will toughen penalties for “gross violations” at sporting events by both Russian and visiting fans. The new legislation includes ...and more »