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Britain's new aircraft carrier 'a convenient target': Russia - The Indian Express

The Russian military mocked Britain's new aircraft carrier on Thursday, saying the HMS Queen Elizabeth presented “a large convenient target” and would be wise to keep its distance from Moscow's warships. The giant vessel, Britain's most advanced and ...and more »

Russia mocks Britain's new £3.1bn HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier saying it's a 'huge sitting duck' -

Russia has claimed Britain's new £3.1billion warship is a sitting target and denied Vladimir Putin's naval commanders are jealous of the huge aircraft carrier. Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon had compared HMS Queen Elizabeth with Moscow's lone ...and more »

Russia and the UK are in a war of words over their aircraft carriers - Business Insider

The UK's newest and most powerful warship, the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, sailed from its dock in Scotland for sea trials this week. Russia's aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, is back in Murmansk for costly repairs after supporting ...and more »

British warship HMS Queen Elizabeth mocked in Russian warning - Deutsche Welle

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain's most advanced and biggest warship, embarked on its maiden voyage this week. British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said at the launch that the Russians would look at it "with a little bit of envy." Fallon then ...and more »

Russia mocks UK aircraft carrier as 'convenient target at sea' - Sky News

Moscow warns the UK to keep its new ship a few hundred miles from its Russian counterpart which Sir Michael Fallon said was "old". 16:29, UK, Thursday 29 June 2017. HMS Queen Elizabeth set out on its maiden voyage on Monday. Image: HMS Queen Elizabeth ...and more »

UK, Russia Fight Over Whose Bad Aircraft Carriers Are Better - Popular Mechanics

The United Kingdom and Russia are in a war of words over their carrier forces. It all started after a member of Parliament described Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier as "dilapidated" compared to the Royal Navy's new HMS Queen Elizabeth ...and more »

Here's drone footage of the most powerful aircraft carrier ever built for the UK - Business Insider

Great Britain once had the most powerful Navy in the world, but since 2010, they haven't had a single aircraft carrier. That changed earlier this week. The HMS Queen Elizabeth — the largest and most powerful carrier the Royal Navy has ever built ...and more »

Russia's Military Says the UK's New Warship is 'a Large, Convenient Naval Target' - Newsweek

Russia has fired back at boastful comments made by the U.K.'s defense secretary regarding his country's new aircraft carrier, which a Moscow general said would fail to stand up to Russia's military might. The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement ...and more »

'Convenient Target': Russian MoD Compares New UK Warship to Admiral Kuznetsov - Sputnik International

The British Defense Secretary's comments that Moscow will look with "envy" on Britain's new aircraft carrier prompted a retort from Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, who described the HMS Queen Elizabeth is nothing but a "convenient ...and more »

Russia Says 'Ship of Shame' Has 20 More Years at Sea Despite UK Government Taunt - Newsweek

Russia is boasting that, after a few repairs, its sole air carrier, which U.K. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon labeled the “old, dilapidated Kuznetsov,” will sail for at least another 20 years. “We have an idea about the extent of the work and our ...and more »