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Fixes, not repeals, more typical for major legislation like Obamacare - The Conversation US

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, came closer to repeal as the U.S. Senate and House last week passed a “budget reconciliation” order to launch a formal legislative process that may lead to substantial repeal. Or maybe not.and more »

More Chronically Ill Patients Have Health Insurance After ACA, Study Finds - ABC News

About 5 percent more chronically ill people in the U.S. gained health insurance coverage after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented, increasing from approximately 80 percent to about 85 percent of chronically ill people in a new study ...and more »

Price, author of long proposal to replace Obamacare, short on specifics in hearing - The Conversation US

It is hardly unusual for Cabinet nominees to leave more questions than answers after their confirmation hearings. Yet for the millions whose lives hang in the balance depending on the future of the Affordable Care Act, Rep. Tom Price's (R-Ga.) answers ...and more »

Price vows not to pull 'rug out' with Obamacare repeal - Politico

President-elect Donald Trump's pick to run Health and Human Services, Rep. Tom Price, faced tough questioning from Democrats on the GOP's undefined plan to replace Obamacare during his first confirmation hearing Wednesday morning. Price tried to ...and more »

What Does Trump's Executive Order Against Obamacare Actually Do? - New York Times

Donald J. Trump ran on a campaign promise to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. So it should not come as a surprise that he has signed an executive order urging his administration to fight it as much as possible. But that order, alone, won't allow ...and more »

Trump signs executive order that could effectively gut Affordable Care Act's individual mandate - Washington Post

President Trump signed an executive order late Friday giving federal agencies broad powers to unwind regulations created under the Affordable Care Act, which might include enforcement of the penalty for people who fail to carry the health insurance ...and more »

Trump's Health Plan Would Convert Medicaid to Block Grants, Aide Says - New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump's plan to replace the Affordable Care Act will propose giving each state a fixed amount of federal money in the form of a block grant to provide health care to low-income people on Medicaid, a top adviser to Mr. Trump said ...and more »

Meet The Republican Governors Who Don't Want To Repeal All Of Obamacare - NPR

As congressional Republicans begin work on repealing the Affordable Care Act, many of the nation's governors want to make sure that their state budgets don't take a hit during the dismantling process. They're most concerned about Medicaid, the health ...and more »

Trump Issues Executive Order Scaling Back Parts of Obamacare - New York Times

WASHINGTON — In his first executive order, President Trump on Friday directed government agencies to scale back as many aspects of the Affordable Care Act as possible, moving within hours of being sworn in to fulfill his pledge to eviscerate Barack ...and more »

Freelance workers and entrepreneurs need clarity on Obamacare replacement - Chicago Tribune

The Affordable Care Act and working people are linked in ways that are often overlooked. But with the health care law likely to be repealed by a Republican-controlled Congress under President Donald "Obamacare is a Disaster" Trump, it's worth looking ...and more »