Twitter Drops Its Egg, The Unintended Avatar Of Harassment - NPR

Since 2010, the default avatar on Twitter has been an egg. The idea apparently was that a new user was like a gestating bird, soon to make its first tweet. It was designed to be playful and cute. But over time, Twitter's eggs came to symbolize ...and more »

Twitter Doesn't Want to Be Twitter - New York Magazine

The Twitter egg — the iconic, simple white ovoid against a flat color background that is the default avatar image for all new users — is an easy marker of someone that you should ignore on Twitter. Because anyone who hasn't uploaded a profile picture ...and more »

Two Important Questions About The New Default Twitter Avatar - Forbes

Twitter made headlines in the tech world today with the announcement that the default avatar is changing from an egg shape to a sort of shapeless human blob silhouette. The move raises two very important questions: “Why?” and “Who cares?” Twitter ...and more »

Twitter Is Ditching the Egg Profile Picture -

All new Twitter users start with the same profile picture: a white cartoon egg on a colorful background. But over the years, the images known as "eggs" have gotten a pretty bad rap. They're often associated with Twitter trolls (though not ALL are), as ...and more »

Twitter Bids Adieu to Egg Avatar - PC Magazine

An egg avatar on Twitter has become synonymous with hateful trolls, so Twitter is making a change. In a blog post Friday, the company acknowledged "an association between the default egg profile photo and negative behavior," which the company said "isn ...and more »

Twitter wants you to stop saying 'Twitter eggs' - The Verge

Twitter has changed the default profile picture for new accounts from an egg on one of seven different background colors to what they described to Fast Company as a “gumdrop-headed human.” They claim the human is genderless, and that is technically ...and more »

Twitter is ditching the egg avatar - USA TODAY

Twitter's egg avatar, often a symbol of anonymous online harassment on the social media service, is no more. On Friday, Twitter confirmed it's ditching the egg in favor of a more generic, default icon resembling a human figure. Twitter cites several ...and more »

Goodbye, Twitter eggs! Default profile picture has changed - The Mercury News

Twitter on Friday said it was changing its default profile picture from an egg to a human silhouette. By Queenie Wong | |. PUBLISHED: March 31, 2017 at 1:02 pm | UPDATED: March 31, 2017 at 2:35 pm. Twitter is cracking all ...and more »

Twitter changes its default profile photo from an egg to a human-shaped blob - Macworld

On Friday, Twitter introduced a new default profile picture, switching from the well-known egg to a simple human silhouette. Twitter hopes this change will encourage users to replace the default image with a real photo of themselves, dissuading people ...and more »

Twitter is getting rid of the egg avatar (because that will totally fix the abuse problem) - TechCrunch

Everyone knows that Twitter has a harassment problem. And while the service has tried things like banning abusive users (both on a temporary and permanent basis) it hasn't really fixed the problem. Today, they're announcing another sweeping change that ...and more »