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How America's Asian Allies Can Survive Trump - Project Syndicate

Judging by US President Donald's Trump isolationist rhetoric, it seems safe to assume that his administration's foreign policy will upend many long-held assumptions about America's role in the world. This is likely to be particularly distressing to ...and more »

Trump Abandons Trans-Pacific Partnership, Obama's Signature Trade Deal - New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump upended America's traditional, bipartisan trade policy on Monday as he formally abandoned the ambitious, 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership brokered by his predecessor and declared an end to the era of multinational trade ...and more »

Trump withdraws from Trans-Pacific Partnership amid flurry of orders - The Guardian

Donald Trump has begun his effort to dismantle Barack Obama's legacy, formally scrapping a flagship trade deal with 11 countries in the Pacific rim. The new president also signed executive orders to ban funding for international groups that provide ...and more »

What Trump's trade and geopolitical moves mean for China - Fox News

BEIJING – With his rejection of an Asian trade pact, U.S. President Donald Trump has tackled the first in a promised series of far-reaching policy changes that could inadvertently give China room to assert itself as a regional leader and worsen strains ...and more »

Presidential Memorandum Regarding Withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations ... - The White House (blog)

It is the policy of my Administration to represent the American people and their financial well-being in all negotations, particularly the American worker, and to create fair and economically beneficial trade deals that serve their interests ...and more »

Trump Hands China A Gift In Dumping Trans-Pacific Partnership - Forbes

John Brinkley , Contributor I write about international trade and investment. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Well, he's done it. President Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. “The Trans ...and more »

Trump, trade and the TPP: Seven essential reads - The Conversation US

Trump shows off the executive order withdrawing the U.S. from the TPP. Ron Sachs/Pool via CNP/MediaPunch/IPX. Trump, trade and the TPP: Seven essential reads. January 24, 2017 11.53am EST. Bryan Keogh. Author. Bryan Keogh. Economics + Business Editor ...and more »

Reaction to Trump's withdrawal from TPP doesn't fit cleanly along party lines - Business Insider

President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Monday — effectively killing the landmark trade agreement — was met with praise and dismay that did not fit neatly along partisan lines. Some progressive lawmakers touted ...and more »

Withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership shifts US role in world economy - Washington Post

President Trump's cancellation Monday of an agreement for a sweeping trade deal with Asia began recasting America's role in the global economy, leaving an opening for other countries to flex their muscles. Trump's executive order formally ending the ...and more »

Trump's TPP move boosts China's clout in Asia - Deutsche Welle

Fulfilling his campaign promise, President Trump has pulled the US out of the ambitious free trade deal negotiated by his predecessor Obama. Analysts view China as the prime beneficiary of the US' abandonment of TPP. Bildkombo Donald Trump Xi Jinping ...and more »