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Climate change makes weather extremes the new normal - Deutsche Welle

On World Meteorological Day, DW provides an overview of how global warming is changing our lived experience of the climate. USA Kalifornien Überschwemmungen in Sun Valley (Getty Images/D. McNew). News of the hottest year, the wettest winter and ...and more »

State of the Warming Climate in 2016: 'Truly Uncharted Territory' - InsideClimate News

World Meteorological Organization reveals extent of global warming's impacts last year, including epic Arctic melting, drought and extreme weather. Sabrina Shankman · By Sabrina Shankman. Mar 21, 2017. Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti in 2016 ...and more »

Record-breaking climate change pushes world into 'uncharted territory' - The Guardian

A boat lies in the dry Cedro reservoir in Quixadá, Brazil. Climate change increases the risk of extreme weather events like drought. Photograph: Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty Images. Climate change. Record-breaking climate change pushes world into 'uncharted ...and more »

World saw record temperatures in 2016 — and it's getting warmer: study -

The world experienced its hottest year in 2016, a trend that contributed to the wildfires that decimated parts of Alberta and appears to already be worsening, according to a global analysis released Tuesday. Record heat pushing us to the melting point ...and more »

Climate change has pushed Earth into 'uncharted territory' -

Our world works in a system of complex checks and balances. The carbon we emit can be absorbed in part by trees in the Amazon; continents shift into place. But even the natural world has a threshold - one we now find ourselves on the other side of. The ...and more »

Record-breaking weather in 2016 pushes world into 'truly uncharted territory'– UN agency - UN News Centre

A view of icebergs in Ilulissat Icefjord Greenland, where the melting of ice sheets is accelerating. UN Photo/Mark Garten ?Share. Print. 21 March 2017 – Global temperatures set yet another record last year and the world witnessed exceptionally low sea ...and more »

'Extreme and unusual' climate trends continue after record 2016 - BBC News

In the atmosphere, the seas and around the poles, climate change is reaching disturbing new levels across the Earth. That's according to a detailed global analysis from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It says that 2016 was not only the ...and more »

Global temperatures hit record high in 2016, UN confirms - Irish Times

History was made on the weather front in 2016 when it became the warmest year on record. Multiple climate-related records were broken last year, according to the annual climate statement of the UN's weather agency, the World Meteorological Organisation ...and more »

REPORT: '2016 Was the Warmest Year on Record' and More - ColorLines magazine

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released its annual State of Global Climate report yesterday (March 21) with a clear message: Climate change is worsening, the planet is warming more now than ever, and communities are already feeling it ...and more »

More extreme and unusual weather in 2017: WMO - The Hindu

In this image provided by the National Snow and Ice Data Center and NASA, shows how low sea ice levels were in the Arctic this winter, alarming climate scientists. During the winter, Arctic sea ice grew to 5.57 million square miles (14.42 million ...and more »