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WATCH: Identical Irish twins (1) go viral after perfectly re-enacting scene from Frozen - Irish Independent

Adorable twin girls, Madelyn and Scarlett Jordan (1), have taken the internet by storm with their re-enactment of their favourite scene from Frozen. The video has been seen over 24 million times in just a few days, melting the hearts of people across ...and more »

Philadelphia twin toddlers re-enact scenes from 'Frozen' - KTRK-TV

If you love "Frozen" and you just can't "Let it go," we present the Philadelphia twin sisters whose re-enactment of scenes from the Disney film are melting hearts -- even those of snow queens. Madelyn and Scarlett turn 2 next week, and mom caught them ...and more »

You Have To Watch These Twins Perfectly Reenact A Scene From 'Frozen' - Huffington Post

A set of twins from Philadelphia have watched the Disney hit film “Frozen” so many times, they know every move from one of its scenes. On Monday, Colleen Jordan posted a video on Facebook that shows her twins, Maddie and Scarlett, reenacting a scene ...and more »

Twin Toddlers Perform Scene From Disney's 'Frozen' Which Is Perfect And Adorable - The Inquisitr

Every single day, there are different videos put on the Internet and various forms of social media, but it takes a special one to go viral. Sometimes it can be something silly or weird or haunting or strange, but having something go viral is something ...and more »

Cute twin toddlers recreate favourite scene from Frozen in adorable living room performance -

Cute twin toddlers have gone viral on social media after being filmed acting out a scene from hit movie Frozen . Scarlett and Maddie, both almost 2, are shown acting out the scene in the family living room in front of a television showing the film.and more »

Frozen, the remake: Two-year-old twins take on the roles of Anna and Elsa as they reenact a scene from the animated ... - Daily Mail

Colleen Jordan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recorded her twin daughters, Madelyn and Scarlett, as they watched their favorite scene in Frozen; The 23-month-old girls know the movie by heart and are seen reenacting the scene together; They do every ...and more »

Adorable twin toddlers reenact their favourite scene from Frozen…and it will make your heart melt - The Sun

THIS is the adorable moment twin toddlers re-enact their favourite scene from Frozen – and it's melting hearts everywhere. Two-year-old Maddie and Scarlett are barely out of nappies, but they love Frozen so much that they've already got the entire ...and more »

You Have to See These Adorable Twin Toddlers Reenacting Their Favorite Frozen Scene - (blog)

Frozen debuted in 2013 to an enormous amount of acclaim and a devoted — or actually, obsessed — kid and baby (...and adult) fanbase, thanks to its sweet story of sisterhood, gorgeous animation, and ridiculously catchy songs. The Frozenphenomenon ...and more »

Twin toddlers re-enact their favorite scene from 'Frozen' - ABC News

If you assumed the "Frozen" phenomenon was over, think again. Interested in Disney? Add Disney as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Disney news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Disney. Add Interest. Colleen Jordan's twin toddlers love the ...and more »

Anna And Elsa Coming To Special Sing-Along Screening Of 'Frozen' At BCCC -

If your child loves the movie "Frozen," then mark your calendar for April 8. That's when Bucks County Community College will host a special sing-along screening of the popular Disney movie, complete with characters Anna and Elsa. The fun starts at 3 p ...and more »