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Domhnall Gleeson: How is he using his 'Star Wars' success? - Irish Times

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Domhnall Gleeson reunited with teacher on Late Late -

The Late Late Show served up one of the TV moments of the year on Friday night as actor Domhnall Gleeson was reunited with his secondary school music teacher, Ms Keogh. The Star Wars favourite had come on the show to discuss his new film, literary ...and more »

Ryan Tubridy mortified Domhnall Gleeson last night by sharing a video of his school's production of Grease -

EVERYONE IS TRULY starting to appreciate how lovely Domhnall Gleeson is in the wake of his new movie Goodbye Christopher Robin. Just turned on the #LateLateShow .... Domhnall Gleeson is entirely made of loveliness is he not? — Maïa Dunphy ...and more »

Star Wars' Domhnall Gleeson almost turned down the role of General Hux -

For an actor, you would think landing a role in something as huge as Star Wars must be a dream come true, but Domhnall Gleeson almost turned it down. The actor thought the role was too big and would make him more recognisable and famous than he ...and more »

WATCH: Domhnall Gleeson charms everyone (and apologises for cursing) on the Late Late - JOE

Domhnall Gleeson had a blast from the past on Friday night's Late Late Show when he was reintroduced to a very proud member of the studio audience. Oh, and he said the word 'fuck' on air, the bould scamp. Host Ryan Tubridy had two big surprises for the ...and more »

Star Wars actor Domhnall Gleeson says he almost turned down the role - The Indian Express

Actor Domhnall Gleeson says he almost turned down his role in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” as he did not want to face the pressure of fame that came with it. The 34-year-old actor, who plays General Hux in the new sequel trilogy of the hugely popular ...and more »

WATCH: Domhnall Gleeson melts hearts on the Late Late as he's reunited with his secondary school teacher -

Local-boy-done-good, Domhnall Gleeson, confirmed his reputation as the nicest man in Hollywood during an utterly charming appearance on the Late Late Show last night. The Dubliner joined Ryan Tubridy on the long-running RTE programme to discuss his ...and more »

'Star Wars' Actor Almost Turned The Job Down -

While most fans can only dream of being involved in the Star Wars universe, being in a movie can be a daunting prospect for many actors. An actor from the sequel trilogy revealed that he nearly turned the job down. Domhnall Gleeson, who plays General ...and more »

Domhnall Gleeson reveals why he almost turned down Star Wars role - Radio Times

Domhnall Gleeson latest film is about the trauma of war and the psychological damage that conflict wreaks on men who find they can no longer function in everyday life… Oh, and it's also about a toy teddy bear. Winnie the Pooh may be one of the most ...and more »

Domhnall Gleeson Explains Why He Almost Said No To Star Wars - Screen Rant

Domnhall Gleeson recently explained why he almost turned down the role of General Hux in the new Star Wars trilogy. The Irish actor reprises his role as the fiery First Order commander for Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi this December capping off what has ...and more »