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Farewell to Liam Cosgrave a State funeral in all but name - Irish Times

When Liam Cosgrave's beloved wife, Vera, predeceased him, he contacted his friend of long standing, Msgr John Wilson, to discuss the funeral arrangements. “There's to be no speeches and no nonsense,” the former taoiseach said. And so it was, that in ...and more »

Oil shock and North among crises facing Cosgrave's economy - Irish Times

It is hard to imagine today the crises facing the Irish economy in the early 1970s. These were the oil shock of October 1973, which saw a quadrupling of oil prices, and the seriously escalating troubles in the North. Both posed potential existential ...and more »

Integrity was hallmark of Liam Cosgrave's life, mourners told - Irish Times

Integrity was the hallmark of Liam Cosgrave's private and professional life, mourners were told at the former taoiseach's funeral Mass on Saturday. “He loved his family and his country,'' chief celebrant Monsignor John Wilson, a personal friend for ...and more »

Taoiseach leads large attendance at Cosgrave funeral - Irish Times

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar led the mourners at the funeral of former taoiseach Liam Cosgrave in Dublin on Saturday. President Michael D Higgins, who is abroad, was represented by his aide-de-camp Col Michael Kiernan. Former taoisigh John Bruton, Bertie ...and more »

Liam Cosgrave: My Part in His Downfall – An Irishman's Diary about the 1977 general election - Irish Times

Sadness at Liam Cosgrave's death this week was accompanied, in my case, by a vague feeling of guilt. This was because it brought back 40-year-old memories of the part – small but culpable – I played in his political demise. I was of course a mere child ...and more »

Politicians pay final respects as Liam Cosgrave is laid to rest -

All images: Cosgrave was given a limited State funeral as per his family's wishes. He served as Taoiseach between March 1973 and July 1977. He'll be remembered for bringing Northern Ireland to the brink of peace with the 1973 ...and more »

A 'no nonsense' farewell to one of our greatest leaders -

When his wife Vera died late last year Liam Cosgrave rang his friend, Monsignor John Wilson, in Ballymore Eustace and told him he wanted a low- key funeral for his wife and for himself when his time came: "no speeches and no nonsense", which, the ...and more »

Cosgrave laid to rest in simple ceremony devoid of pomp -

The former Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave was laid to rest yesterday in Dublin in the way he wanted - with a simple religious ceremony and none of the trappings or pomp of a State funeral. Mr Cosgrave, who led the country through one of the most turbulent ...and more »

Hundreds gather to remember former Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave - Irish Mirror

Hundreds of mourners have gathered for the funeral of former Taoiseach Liam Cosgrave. The 97-year-old, who passed away on Wednesday, was remembered as being a man who "loved his family and his country." Amount those who attended the service at the ...and more »

Pride in father's service to the nation inspired a gentleman of Irish politics -

I got to know Liam Cosgrave well through my biographical writings. He came across as a thorough gentleman, though well able to mix it politically and with a highly developed sense of gallows humour. He was at all times proud of the sometimes ...and more »