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'The Vietnam War': How Jane Fonda Became One of the Most Hated People Associated With the War - IndieWire

Among all the soldiers, officers, spies, politicians, socialists, anti-war activists, and draft dodgers, somehow actress Jane Fonda became one of the most controversial figures during the Vietnam War. And while the Oscar-winning actress is still ...and more »

The Vietnam War Is a Staggering Documentary Achievement - Vulture

The last American chopper has left the roof of the American embassy in Saigon; with its departure, both the Vietnam War and The Vietnam War come to an end. What have we learned? In the PBS documentary's case, plenty. Producer and co-director Ken ...and more »

The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Glosses Over Devastating Civilian Toll - The Intercept

“I think that when Americans talk about the Vietnam War … we tend to talk only about ourselves. But if we really want to understand it … or try to answer the fundamental question, 'What happened?' You've got to triangulate,” says filmmaker Ken Burns ...and more »

The Music in Ken Burns' The Vietnam War Is Remarkable. Here's How It Was Chosen. -

When the first notes of The Beatles' “Let It Be” ring out in the closing minutes of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's 10-part, 18-hour documentary The Vietnam War, you'd be forgiven for letting out a disappointed sigh. You've heard the song, which Paul ...and more »

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's Noble Crusade - The Ringer (blog)

The Vietnam War, with its astounding amount of testimony, is the filmmakers' latest attempt to shape American history. Can the documentary function as the official record of a dark chapter? By Kate Knibbs Oct 1, 2017, 10:44am EDT. Share Tweet Share.and more »

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick don't understand anti-Vietnam War protesters - Salon

“[Ken Burns' and Lynn Novick's documentary] The Vietnam War . . . will doubtless shape popular memory of the conflict for years to come,” writes the veteran activist and historian Maurice Isserman in Dissent. Although Isserman praises the television ...and more »

Watch the cathartic Vietnam documentary - Mondoweiss

The Vietnam documentary that aired on PBS over the last two weeks — 18 hours, Ken Burns executive producer — is getting trashed by the left. The critics say that the documentary is killing history (in John Pilger's words), that it misrepresents our ...and more »

What Not to Learn From Vietnam - New York Times

As the dust settles on the 18-hour documentary “The Vietnam War,” it seems unlikely that the longstanding debates engendered by the conflict will abate much in the film's aftermath. As is so often the case, most reviews, some written even before the ...and more »

The Vietnam War Is Not Over - Jacobin magazine

“The Vietnam War” Ken Burns says in a recent interview, “was the most important event in American history since World War II.” But, he explains, it's also an event that tore the United States apart, a war whose wounds have not yet healed, a war we ...and more »

Veterans angry, disappointed following PBS' Vietnam War documentary - The Mercury News

A gripping documentary on the Vietnam War — described by many viewers as a masterful depiction of a prolonged conflict that divided the nation — has left many American and Vietnamese veterans feeling deeply disappointed, even betrayed.and more »