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Parents make a big difference just by talking - BBC News

The OECD has produced an international study of well-being and how young people feel about their lives. The think tank's education director Andreas Schleicher explains how much positive impact can come from simple changes such as parents taking time ...and more »

Irish teens find exams more stressful than international students - Irish Times

Irish school students suffer much higher levels of anxiety than their European counterparts in the lead up to exams, according to new research on students' wellbeing. Nearly two thirds of Irish students interviewed as part of the Organisation for ...and more »

More than one in six schoolkids get bullied in Sweden: study - The Local Sweden

More than a sixth of all Swedish 15-year-olds experience bullying at least a few times a month, according to an OECD survey investigating student wellbeing in the developed world. The OECD released the most recent volume of its major Pisa education ...and more »

Most teenagers happy with life, study finds - BBC News

Most 15-year-olds report being happy with their lives, an international study of students' well-being suggests. The report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found an average satisfaction score of 7.3 on a scale from nought ...and more »

Why French school pupils are among the happiest in the world - The Local France

France is known for a rigid schooling system, but French students may be happier than their foreign counterparts, according to a new study. French 15-year-olds ranked as the 6th most satisfied with their life among the 35 OECD (Organisation for ...and more »

Selective schooling has negative impact on UK children, say world education experts - The Independent

Selective school systems such as grammar streams lower children's expectations and impact negatively on the wider education system, world experts have said. As the Government pushes forward plans to create new free schools and expand the grammar ...and more »

British children are online more than almost any other developed nation - and are more unhappy as a result -

British teenagers spend more time on the internet than virtually anyone else in the world, leading them to become more unhappy and susceptible to mental health problems, a new report has found. Nearly one in four pupils in the UK are now considered ...and more »

OECD report highlights pressures felt by teenagers worldwide - ABC Online

Is your child's academic performance suffering? It might be worth checking in to see how they're coping with life's stresses. An international study has shown pressures at school and home are undermining teenagers' wellbeing and their performances at ...and more »

Italian schoolkids make friends easily but suffer high anxiety - The Local Italy

Italy's schoolchildren get top marks for socializing but suffer from high levels of anxiety, according to an OECD survey investigating student wellbeing in the developed world. The most recent Pisa education rankings, released by the OECD on Wednesday, ...and more »

UK pupils among the world's unhappiest - TES News

Pupils in the UK are among the least happy in the world, according to new data released by the influential Pisa (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey today. According to the report Students' Well-being, around one in six (15.6 per ...and more »