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Corbett trial shown evidence of hair in deceased's grasp - Irish Times

The trial of Molly Martens Corbett and her father, Tom Martens, heard evidence on Monday of the photographs and video images taken by police who came to the house where her husband, Jason Corbett, was beaten to death. Ms Martens and her father are ...and more »

Blood spatter expert believes Jason Corbett's head hit wall, court hears -

Updated 7.30am, 2 August. A BLOOD SPATTER analyst has said an object may have been used to hit Jason Corbett multiple times. Stuart James, testifying at the murder trial into the Irishman's death in North Carolina, spoke about the blood patterns ...and more »

Jason Corbett trial: No fingerprints found on baseball bat, court hears -

A DNA ANALYST testified yesterday that Jason Corbett's DNA was found on several pieces of evidence. Wendell Ivory, a DNA analyst with the state crime lab, testified that he received the aluminum bat, the cement paver and hairs from the cement paver.and more »

Martens murder trial: Father-in-law said he 'hated Corbett' - Irish Times

Thomas Martens, who is accused of murdering the Limerick man Jason Corbett in 2015, said he hated his son-in-law, a former colleague has told his trial in the United States. Mr Corbett's widow, Molly Martens Corbett, and her father are charged with the ...and more »

Two-year anniversary pauses Corbett murder trial - Limerick Post

AS THE gruesome evidence of the last moments in Jason Corbett's life unfold before a jury of US citizens, the Limerick man's family have been allowed time to pause proceedings to mark his two-year anniversary. In the early hours of August 2, 2015, the ...and more »

Corbett 'may have suffered first blow from bat while in bed' - expert tells murder trial -

Jason Corbett may have sustained the first blow to his head while he was in or beside his bed in his North Carolina home, a court has heard. A forensic scientist said blood spatter marks indicated retired FBI agent Thomas Michael Martens (67) was ...and more »

Jason Corbett murder trial: paving stone found at scene of Limerick man's death was used 'multiple times' - Irish Mirror

A blood-spattered paving stone found at the scene of Limerick man Jason Corbett's murder was used several times, a court heard. In disturbing evidence heard during the trial of his wife Molly Martens Corbett and her father Thomas, an expert testified ...and more »

Corbett murder trial told of Tom's dislike for Jason - Limerick Post

THOMAS Martens hated Jason Corbett, the murder trial of the US father and daughter has been told as the pair deny unlawfully killing the Limerick man in 2015. That was the evidence of a former colleague when she spoke of conversation she had with the ...and more »

Martens murder trial: Ex-FBI agent allegedly told co-worker he 'hated' son-in-law Jason, court hears -

Murder accused and former FBI agent Thomas Michael Martens (67) allegedly told a co-worker in a US federal agency that he "hated" his Irish son-in-law, Jason Corbett (39). A North Carolina murder trial heard legal argument today that Mr Martens ...and more »

Jason Corbett's father-in-law 'told co-worker he hated Jason', murder trial hears -

THE CASE: Molly Martens and her father, Thomas Martens, 67, a former FBI agent, are on trial for second-degree murder in Jason Corbett's death in the early morning hours of Aug 2, 2015. They deny the charge, and have claimed self-defense and the ...and more »