Judge launches expletive-laden, four-letter response to racist defendant in court - The Independent

A judge hit back at a man who verbally abused her in the courtroom by launching an expletive-laden response at him. Judge Patricia Lynch QC received a tirade of abuse from John Hennigan, 50, after she sentenced him for insulting a black Caribbean ...and more »

Judge and defendant exchange insults in court - The Guardian

A judge who was verbally abused by a defendant reciprocated at a court hearing where he was being sentenced for breaching an antisocial behaviour order. John Hennigan, 50, who had breached the order by using racist language towards a black woman ...and more »

It's easy to cheer the judge who used the C-word. But we shouldn't - The Guardian

Judge Patricia Lynch and defendant John Hennigan: 'Neither antagonist is likely to gain from further inquiry into what was a spur of the moment exchange.' Composite: Photoshot/ Central News. Law · First thoughts ...and more »

Swearing judge launches four-letter response after being abused by racist defendant in court - Telegraph.co.uk

A judge launched an expletive-laden response when a racist thug hurled abuse at her in court. John Hennigan, 50, was involved in a slanging match with Judge Patricia Lynch QC at Chelmsford Crown Court on Wednesday. Hennigan was being sentenced ...and more »

Judge to be investigated after complaints made over her use of c-word in court exchange with racist thug - Telegraph.co.uk

Complaints have been made against a judge who called a racist thug a "bit of a c---" after he launched a foul-mouthed tirade at her in court. Judge Patricia Lynch QC was sentencing John Hennigan at Chelmsford Crown Court for his ninth breach of an ...and more »

UK judge raps neo-Nazi in profanity-laced exchange - The Times of Israel

A British judge and a neo-Nazi defendant had an expletive-laden exchange in an Essex court, after the latter called her “a bit of a c**t.” Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign up! According to a ...and more »

Judge Patricia Lynch, Who Branded Racist 'A Bit Of AC***', Under Investigation By Judicial Conduct Office - Huffington Post UK

Judge Patricia Lynch QC was sentencing John Hennigan at Chelmsford Crown Court for his ninth breach of an anti-social behaviour order in 11 years when the pair exchanged cussed words. The 50-year-old told Judge Lynch she was a “bit of a c***”, ...and more »

British judge sentences racist "cunt" to 18 months in jail - Boing Boing

When racist thug John Hennigan called Judge Patricia Lynch QC a "bit of a cunt" during his sentencing for the latest in a long string of convictions, she had the perfect response: "You are a bit of a cunt yourself." report this ad. Added the judge ...and more »

We Didn't Think This Story About a Judge Calling a Nazi a Cunt Would Be Good But We Were So Wrong - Jezebel

We get a lot of tips from our readers here at Jezebel, and sometimes, in all the whirl and hubbub, things fall through the cracks. It's regrettable, it's a little embarrassing, and it means it's taken us a full day to write about this British judge who ...and more »

Judge Absolutely Sons Racist Who Threw Up Nazi Salute in Court - Complex

United Kingdom judge Patricia Lynch CQ wasn't in any mood to deal with the insults and racism of John Hennigan, who was royally dissed as she sentenced him earlier this week. Hennigan was appearing before Lynch to be sentenced for racially abusing a ...and more »