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Protesters in Poland Rally Against Proposal for Total Abortion Ban - New York Times

WARSAW — Despite pouring rain and a chill in the air, Anna Pietruszka-Drozdz, together with as many as 24,000 other Polish women and men, skipped work on Monday and instead came to Castle Square in Warsaw, dressed in black, to protest a sweeping new ...and more »

Women go on 'Black Monday' strike in Poland against abortion ban - Deutsche Welle

Thousands of women have protested in the Polish capital against a proposed ban on abortion. The Catholic Church, which wields substantial power in Poland, has approved the initiative. 'Black Monday' protesters in Warsaw, Poland. Women in Poland who ...and more »

Polish women take to the streets protesting proposed ban on abortion -

Women took part in protests around Poland on Monday in response to a proposed bill to completely ban abortion in the country. Photo: PAP/Tomasz Gzell. Most of the people who took to the streets on Monday were dressed in black, as part of the Black ...and more »

Polish women strike over planned abortion ban - The Guardian

Polish women and some male supporters blow horns while raising a coathanger, a symbol of illegal abortions, during a protest in Warsaw on Monday. Photograph: Czarek Sokolowski/AP. Women wearing black clothes and waving black flags are demonstrating ...and more »

Women to go on strike in Poland in protest at planned abortion law - The Guardian

A 'black protest' in Warsaw in September to protest against the proposed abortion law. Photograph: Maciej Gillert/Gallo Images/Getty Images. Thousands of women are expected to go on strike across Poland in protest against a new law that would ...and more »

Polish women rebel against abortion law - EUobserver

Thousands of Polish women are set to strike on Monday (3 October) against a proposal to further restrict their right to abortion. Some say they will form a human chain around the Palace of Culture in an effort to reclaim the “phallic symbol of Warsaw ...and more »

Polish Women Protest Total Abortion Ban by Not Going to Work - Bloomberg

Polish women wielded their economic clout to protest a proposed law that would ban abortion in this Catholic-dominated country of 38 million. QuickTake Poland's Populist Turn. Thousands of demonstrators marched in Warsaw on Monday and held a rally by ...and more »

Polish Women Stage 'Black Monday' Strikes to Protest Abortion Law -

Legions of women across Poland dressed in black and went on strike Monday to protest a proposed law that would ban all abortions. Tens of thousands of demonstrators braved the cold and rain to rally in the main square of Warsaw's historic Old Town and ...and more »

Krakow women strike against abortion ban proposal - Krakow Post

Doctors. Bankers. Translators. Baristas. Pensioners. Mothers. All these women and more (plus some men) took to the rainy streets of Krakow today, joining thousands in cities across Poland and beyond to protest the government's moves to place a total ...and more »

Poland abortion strike: Thousands of women in over 60 cities refuse to work in protest over restrictive laws - The Independent

Without half their workforce, government offices, universities and schools in 60 cities across the country closed their doors. For the day of action, dubbed “Black Monday”, women donned dark-coloured clothes in a symbol of mourning for the loss of ...and more »