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Miriam Lord: Populist band of travellers seeks recognition - Irish Times

Emotionally drained, after a turbulent year, the brave men and women marched down the plinth and faced the press. They were determined to be themselves – proud to be Irish, yet a distinct group from a unique culture. It was time. Time for Fianna Fáil ...and more »

FF urges FG to outline water charges position by Friday - Irish Times

Fianna Fáil has urged Fine Gael to outline its position on water charges by Friday. The members of the Oireachtas water committee met again on Wednesday to discuss the future of water charges. Earlier Fianna Fáil has said Fine Gael will bring down the ...and more »

FF TD Cowen says water row 'could bring down Government' -

Fianna Fáil's Barry Cowen has said if the Government does not abide by the 'confidence and supply' agreement with his party on the issue of water charges, it could bring down the Government. It comes after Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and ...and more »

Households to get €325 in water bill refunds - Irish Independent

Almost one million households can expect water charge refunds of up to €325 as part of a compromise between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. The two parties remain at loggerheads over the total abolition of charges - but Housing Minister Simon Coveney now ...and more »

New politics beset by old problems in slow-moving Dáil - Irish Times

The results of the general election had barely trickled in when party leaders began promising radical reform of politics in Ireland. It was heralded as a new dawn where the parliament, rather than the Government, would be in control. The power to set ...and more »

Fianna Fáil legal advice gives all clear to ban or suspend water charges -

Fianna Fáil has published legal advice it received on whether Ireland can ban water charges in a way that is compatible with European Union laws. The party is in favour of abolishing all charges and believes the issue of excessive usage can be dealt ...and more »

Colm Brophy (FG): New politics brings 'its fair share of problems' - Irish Times

Colm Brophy is a new Fine Gael TD representing Dublin South West. A former councillor and political adviser, he dislikes the term “new politics”. “The first thing you notice, even if you have a lot of experience between the council and in the policy ...and more »

Fine Gael is in Government but Fianna Fáil is in power - Irish Times

Fine Gael may have been convulsed by a leadership crisis and the timeline for Enda Kenny's departure, but the feeling, even among his critics in the party, is that the issue has been parked for now. He and wrested back control of the issue with what a ...and more »

Noel Whelan: Fianna Fáil are wrong on water charges - Irish Times

The Government has always had reason to beware the Ides of this March. It was inevitable that the issue of water charges would re-emerge to endanger its survival in the coming weeks. In May last year Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael negotiators, having spent ...and more »

The new politics: 10 changes it has brought to the Oireachtas - Irish Times

The 32nd Dáil is very different from any of the parliament's previous iterations. Much of the change stemmed from last year's inconclusive general election result, which left the State with a minority administration and forced major changes to how the ...and more »