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How to Play Overwatch's New Moon Map Right Now - Tom's Guide

Blizzard's hit team shooter Overwatch is getting a sweet new map based on the Moon, and you don't have to wait until its official release to try it out. [NOW PLAYABLE] Horizon Lunar Colony | New Assault Map | Overwatch. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute.and more »

Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony Map Announced; New Hero Teased - NDTV

Amidst the Overwatch Anniversary Event, Blizzard revealed a new map for the hero shooter called Horizon Lunar Colony. As the name suggests, it takes place on the Moon. The company may have also hinted at a new hero called Hammond. “Built as a first ...and more »

Fight on the moon in new 'Overwatch' Lunar Base map - Engadget

Last week, Overwatch celebrated its one-year anniversary by dropping scores of new event-themed character skins and extras to the game. But it also added three new maps for the game's small-team and 1v1 Arena modes. It seems the title's team wasn't ...and more »

'Overwatch' Lunar Map: New Horizon map has Easter Egg referencing the first human in space - Mic

Zarya has a new voice line on the Overwatch Public Test Realm (PTR) that's going to sound like nonsense to most people — but it's actually a clever Easter Egg that quotes Yuri Gagarin, a Russian astronaut who was the first human to travel to space.and more »

'Overwatch' Is Going To The Moon In New Assault Map - Tech Times

Blizzard has been hard at work keeping Overwatch players busy with a steady stream of content. To that end, a new assault map has been unveiled in public test realm and it will send players to the moon.and more »

'Overwatch' Horizon Lunar Colony Moon Map Now Playable - Fandom (blog)

Update: Blizzard has now released the Overwatchi Horizon Lunar Colony moon map for all players, despite it being available for a few weeks via the PTR system. The map is now available for everyone on PC, PS4 and Xbox One as part of a new patch for the ...and more »

New 'Overwatch' Lore Details Events At The Horizon Lunar Colony, Likely Teasing Upcoming Content - The Inquisitr

In Overwatch, most players are familiar with Winston, the highly intelligent gorilla with sophisticated gadgets. The character hails from the Horizon Lunar Colony, where he was kept with other genetically modified gorillas. As the story goes, the other ...and more »

'Overwatch' New Hero: Everything we know about the rumored character so far - Mic

It's been a little over a year now since Overwatch launched. After this year, we've gotten a sense of Blizzard's design practices and routines — we know how they tease new updates, we know how often they release new characters and we know what to ...and more »

Check Out The New Horizon Lunar Colony Map On 'Overwatch' PTR Server - Tom's Hardware

A new map for Overwatch is available today for those playing on the game's Public Test Region (PTR) server on PC. In addition, Blizzard is also testing additional changes to the game, specifically on some of its heroes and UI. A few days ago, the game ...and more »

Blizzard Teasing Something For Overwatch, Possibly A New Gorilla Hero And Map - GameSpot

Blizzard is teasing something new for Overwatch, it seems. The developer today posted the image below on social media with the caption, "[BREAKING UPDATE] For the first time in years, new details emerge about possible fate of Horizon Lunar Colony.".and more »