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Venezuela's Unprecedented Collapse - Project Syndicate

With per capita GDP down by 40% since 2013, Venezuela's economic catastrophe dwarfs any in the history of the US, Western Europe, or the rest of Latin America. And yet headline GDP numbers actually understate the magnitude of the economy's decline.and more »

Pictures show what a conflict-ridden sham Venezuela's election really was - Quartz

Venezuela voted to elect a constituent assembly on July 30. The new body will have the power to bypass the opposition-dominated national assembly, potentially eliminating most checks and balances on the government. The opposition, as well as numerous ...and more »

US hits Nicolás Maduro with sanctions after Venezuela's 'sham' election - The Guardian

Sanctions freeze Venezuelan president's assets under US jurisdiction and prevent US citizens from doing business with him. Virginia López and Sibylla Brodzinsky. Mon 31 Jul 2017 15.33 EDT First published on Mon 31 Jul 2017 14.28 EDT. Share on ...and more »

Rioting, targeted killings as Venezuela votes on constitutional future -

MONTHS of unrest are coming to a violent head in Venezuela, with at least nine people dead over the weekend. These are the images of a country sliding into chaos. Reuters, AFP. News Corp Australia NetworkJuly 31, 20171:34pm. Anti-government activists ...and more »

Constituent Assembly Elections Today in Venezuela - Council On Hemispheric Affairs

By Jack Pannell, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs. To download a PDF of this article, click here. Today Venezuela is holding a vote for representatives for the new Constituent Assembly, tasked with modifying and amending the ...and more »

Venezuela's controversial new Constituent Assembly, explained - Washington Post

On Sunday, Venezuelans took to the streets to either vote in or boycott a controversial election to choose members of an all-powerful Constituent Assembly. The new assembly will be made up completely of government supporters but will have authority ...and more »

Venezuela heading for dictatorship after 'sham' election, warns US amid clashes - The Guardian

Up to 14 feared dead in clashes with security forces as many voters boycott poll that President Nicolás Maduro hails as a 'vote for peace'. Sibylla Brodzinsky and agencies. Mon 31 Jul 2017 00.11 EDT First published on Sun 30 Jul 2017 13.09 EDT. Share ...and more »

Nicolás Maduro: will Venezuela's president drag his people to the edge? - The Guardian

When Hugo Chávez anointed Nicolás Maduro to succeed him as Venezuela's president, few realised that he would become Latin America's Robert Mugabe. After all, Maduro had a reputation as a conciliator. He was physically imposing – a big, burly man ...and more »

Venezuela: What is a National Constituent Assembly? -

After months of protests and clashes, with more than 100 people killed, Venezuelans were called on to choose the members of a new National Constituent Assembly that will be tasked with drafting a new constitution. Sunday's vote marked the second time ...and more »

Venezuela: The Constituent Assembly Sham - Human Rights Watch

Late on July 30, the president of Venezuela's Electoral Council announced that more than 8 million people – or 41 percent of the electorate – had participated in the election of Constituent Assembly members convoked by the administration of President ...and more »