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Val Kilmer admits he's 'healing of cancer' - Page Six

Val Kilmer confirmed he had cancer – and is now doing OK – after months of denying he was ​sick. The first hint that Kilmer was ill came in 2015 when he was spotted at UCLA Medical Center. Then ​in November, fellow actor and pal Michael Douglas ...and more »

Val Kilmer confirms cancer battle for first time and reveals he's 'had a healing' after initially denying claims by ... - The Sun

VAL Kilmer has publicly spoken about this throat cancer diagnosis for the first time since Michael Douglas' revelation last year. The 56-year-old former Batman star had previously denied that he had been diagnosed with the disease, but spoke candidly ...and more »

Val Kilmer admits he had cancer - CNN

(CNN) After initially denying speculation that he was battling cancer, Val Kilmer now says he "did have a healing of cancer." The actor made the admission during a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. In October, Kilmer's "The Ghost and the ...and more »

Val Kilmer Acknowledges Cancer Battle For First Time - Huffington Post

Speculation surrounding Val Kilmer's health has been circulating for about two years now, but the actor has mostly been quiet about the subject. During a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session, however, Kilmer addressed his health, admitting he had “a ...and more »

Val Kilmer confirms he has battled cancer -

Actor Val Kilmer has confirmed he has been treated for cancer, having previously denied he was battling serious illness. Last November, Kilmer dismissed his Ghost and the Darkness co-star Michael Douglas' suggestion that he had been diagnosed with oral ...and more »

What Cancer Did Val Kilmer Have? A Look At Some Possibilities - Live Science

Actor Val Kilmer recently revealed that he had cancer that left him with a "swollen" tongue, but exactly what type of cancer could have caused this symptom? On Wednesday, April 26, Kilmer took part in a Reddit AMA ("ask me anything"), and a user asked ...and more »

Val Kilmer Confirms Cancer Rumors, Says He's in 'Healing' Stages - Variety

Val Kilmer finally confirmed numerous reports that he was battling cancer during a recent AMA on Reddit. The actor had never acknowledged the rumors as legitimate, but now confirms that he has had a “healing of cancer.” Michael Douglas first revealed ...and more »

Val Kilmer finally admits he had cancer - Wonderwall

Val Kilmer is coming clean. After previously denying that he was suffering from the disease, he revealed in an April 26 Reddit "Ask Me Anything" that he indeed did have cancer. A fan asked, "A while ago, Michael Douglas claimed you had terminal cancer ...and more »

Val Kilmer Gave Some Amazing Fanboy Answers in His Reddit AMA — Read the Highlights - IndieWire

Kilmer became instantly endearing with his anecdotes about working on "Heat," "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Top Gun." Allison Picurro. Apr 30, 2017 1:12 pm. Share This Article; Reddit · LinkedIn; WhatsApp; Email; Print; Talk. “Heat”. Actor, artist and ...and more »

Val Kilmer Says He's 'Healing of Cancer' in First Acknowledgement of Health Issues -

Val Kilmer shared for the first time that he is recovering from cancer after months of denying that he was suffering from any serious health issues. The 57-year-old actor participated in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Wednesday, where he addressed a ...and more »