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Pound recovers losses in choppy trade after manufacturing data beat; FTSE 100 flirts with record highs -

Investors tuned out of British broadcaster ITV after HSBC warned the FTSE 100 stock is “cheap for a reason”. The bank downgraded its rating to “hold” as it thinks the risk-reward payoff is no longer “compelling enough” to justify a “buy” rating. It ...and more »

Turnout of younger voters holds key to election outcome - The Guardian

Young Labour supporters at the leader's' debate in Cambridge on Wednesday. Whether the surge of younger voters to Labour actually translates to ballots cast on Thursday lies behind the divergence in the polls. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images ...and more »

Theresa May's lead continues to shrink as new poll suggests Britain is heading for a hung parliament - Business Insider

However, pollsters remain divided on the scale of the reduction, with some suggesting the Tories are still heading for a comfortable majority. Voters go to the polls in just one week's time. LONDON — The Conservatives' lead over Labour has shrunk to ...and more »

The pound is down against the euro after a new poll predicted a hung parliament - Business Insider

Meanwhile the pound fell against the dollar in morning trading, but made gains in the afternoon after US President Donald Trump reportedly decided to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement which sent the dollar lower against major currencies. The ...and more »

How did the pollsters get the General Election so wrong again? -

YouGov and Survation stand apart among the polling companies, with these two polling companies predicting the smallest Tory leads over Labour in the national popular vote. While some polling companies predicted large Conservative leads, such as BMG's ...and more »

YouGov predicted this disaster for Theresa May -

UPDATE: This analysis, written a week before the general election, imagined what would happen on election night if a surprising YouGov analysis of constituencies was correct. Although YouGov didn't directly predict that the Conservatives would fail to ...and more »

YouGov's poll predicting a hung parliament is certainly brave - The Guardian

Theresa May could be left 16 seats short of a majority if YouGov's new model is right. Photograph: Reuters. Opinion polls. YouGov's poll predicting a hung parliament is certainly brave. The polling firm is employing a new 'controversial' methodology ...and more »

Shock new poll shows Theresa May LOSING her majority – but experts brand it 'utter tripe' - The Sun

POLLSTER YouGov was mocked today after predicting that the Tories are on course to lose their majority. The rogue poll, which contradicts every other pre-election survey, was described as "utter tripe" by sceptical experts. A new YouGov poll predicts a ...and more »

What is a hung parliament? What happens when no party wins an election majority? -

Britain has a hung parliament, after Labour's victory in Southampton Test made it impossible for any party to reach the 326 MPs required to achieve an absolute majority in the House of Commons. The exit poll at 10pm last night correctly predicted that ...and more »

The UK election is suddenly wide open and markets are totally discombobulated - Quartz

British prime minister Theresa May had a plan. Catch rivals off guard by calling a “snap” general election after repeated denials that you would do such a thing. Tend to a 20-percentage-point polling lead over the Labour opposition party during a short ...and more »