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Tearful North Korean waitresses: Our 'defector' colleagues were tricked - CNN

Pyongyang (CNN) The door opens and seven women walk quietly into the ornate lobby of the Koryo Hotel in Pyongyang. Their faces are expressionless. Most wear little or no makeup, black jackets, and patriotic red lapel pins. What North Korean defections ...and more »

US Army Pacific commander: Cheaper to keep US troops in South Korea -

WASHINGTON — The four-star Army general picked to lead American forces in Korea says it's less expensive to keep U.S. troops stationed in South Korea than in the United States. In testimony Tuesday, Gen. Vincent Brooks tallied up the financial load ...and more »

North Korea Proposes Having 13 Defectors to the South Meet With Relatives - New York Times

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea proposed on Thursday to send family members to meet with 13 North Korean restaurant workers who arrived in South Korea this month in what was described by the South as a rare group defection. The South ...and more »

The Iran-North Korea Connection - The Diplomat

In late March, South Korean news agency Yonhap revealed that officials from a blacklisted North Korean company, Korea Mining Development Trading Corp., had visited Iran. As the UN Security Council recently tightened sanctions against Pyongyang in ...and more »

Familiarity Breeds South Korean Indifference to the North's Threats - Radio Free Asia

South Korean activists display banners lampooning North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as police block the launch of anti-North Korea balloons across the border on the birthday of the North's founding leader Kim Il Sung, April 15, 2016. AFP. If you read the ...and more »

North Korean cyber capability among world's best, says US Army general - TODAYonline

WASHINGTON — North Korea's asymmetric warfare potential is being bolstered by one of the world's best and most organised cyber attack capabilities, according to the Army general nominated to command US forces in South Korea. “This is an area of ...and more »

NK's founding father, Kim Il-sung - Korea Times

On the 15th of April, North Korea had lavish celebrations for Kim Il Sung's birthday, officially known as "Day of the Sun". These celebrations can be seen as an embodiment of the personality cult going mad, but one should not think that all this ...and more »

Who said it: Donald Trump or North Korea? - The Guardian

An official statement from the DPRK or a soundbite from the Republican candidate on the campaign trial? Maeve Shearlaw · @maeveshearlaw. Mon 18 Apr 2016 09.45 EDT Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 14.14 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter ...and more »

North Korea procuring Iranian missile technology, Israeli analyst says -

WASHINGTON, April 20 (UPI) -- A solid-fuel rocket engine North Korea tested in March was built with technology from Iran, an Israeli analyst said. Tal Inbar, of Israel's Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies, said Pyongyang has also made ...and more »

North Korea bans piercings and Western-style clothing -

They are already forced to wear regime-approved hairstyles, chosen from a state-sanctioned list of drab cuts. Now North Koreans have been banned from having piercings as part of a crackdown on Western culture in the secretive regime ahead of its annual ...and more »