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National Weather Service warns against 'fake forecasts' - The Hill

A fake weather forecast is making its way around social media that shows Hurricane Irma tracking directly toward the Texas/Louisiana Gulf coast. The National Weather Service warned Friday that the storm warning is misleading. Keep your eyes out for ...and more »

Hurricane Irma remains potential threat to the East Coast, possibly matching Harvey's wind strength - Washington Post

This post was last updated on Saturday. For the Capital Weather Gang's latest status update on Irma, published Sunday, see: Hurricane Irma could strike U.S. East Coast by next weekend, or it could curve out to sea. On the heels of Hurricane Harvey, now ...and more »

Hurricane Irma is a threat for the US coast, but the details on its track are unclear - Washington Post

This story has been updated. Hurricane Irma is a beast of a storm, feeding on warm water as it churns west across the Atlantic Ocean. It seems likely to impact the Caribbean next week, but beyond that, this storm's path is a question that will only be ...and more »

Irma forecast to remain a 'powerful hurricane for days' - Phys.Org

Hurricane Irma in the central Atlantic is expected to remain a "powerful hurricane" as it heads towards the Caribbean, US weather monitors said Friday. Irma, a Category 2 storm, formed just days after the first major hurricane of the Atlantic season ...and more »

Category Two Hurricane Irma forms in eastern Atlantic - Phys.Org

Hurricane Irma has formed in the eastern Atlantic as a Category Two storm, just days after the first major hurricane of the season, Harvey, unleashed massive rain and floods over Texas, US officials said Thursday. Hurricane Irma churned in open waters ...and more »

Why the Hurricane Irma Forecast for the US Is Still Uncertain and Difficult - The Weather Channel

Hurricane Irma will be a formidable hurricane for days to come in the Atlantic Basin, but its future impact in the U.S. remains unknown. (MORE: Comprehensive Hurricane Irma Coverage). This is a developing weather story. For the latest on Irma's ...and more »

Tracking the Tropics: Where will Irma Go? - WZVN-TV

It's the question on everyone's mind: Where will powerful Hurricane Irma go, and will it impact the U.S.? Unfortunately it's too early to know for sure, but we can take some hints from the models to try and breakdown the most likely outcomes going ...and more »

Hurricane Irma strengthens to category 3 - WZVN-TV

Irma is the second major hurricane of the year as it churns in the far eastern Atlantic with sustained max wind gusts at 115 mph. WHERE'S IRMA GOING? Irma is expected to slowly drift westward in the coming days. The Guadeloupe, St. Kitts, Dominica, St ...and more »

A map showing Hurricane Irma on a path to hit Houston is fake news - PolitiFact (blog)

A map showing that government officials predict Hurricane Irma is on a path to hit Houston is fake news. "Everyone needs to pay attention to Hurricane Irma," read a Facebook post on Aug. 31, 2017. (The post has since been deleted.) "She's predicted to ...and more »

Irma is now a major Category 3 hurricane as it moves across the Atlantic - Business Insider

Hurricane Irma is intensifying as it makes its way across the Atlantic. It's now a major Category 3 storm, according to the National Hurricane Center. It's too early to know whether the storm will make landfall in the Caribbean, Mexico, or the US ...and more »