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India is warming up to Israel, but Americans are growing sceptical of Tel Aviv - Hindustan Times

Next week, Narendra Modi becomes the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel. His trip confirms a change in policy that's long been in the offing: India's abandonment of an inflexible, anti-colonial position of support for Palestine in favour of ...and more »

'Carrot, not stick': Israel pushes its curriculum in Palestinian schools - Kuwait Times

JERUSALEM: Young Palestinian Faris Abu-Mayyaleh will soon find out how he did in his final high school exams, in which he answered questions about Israel's founding fathers and the history of Zionism. Faris, 18, chose to study the Israeli curriculum ...and more »

Iran Tested a Ballistic Missile by Shooting it at a Star of David - National Review

The headline says it all, as crazy as it sounds. On Wednesday, Israel released satellite imagery of the test site, which seems to include a Jewish star, to the United Nations. I shared new satellite images with the Sec Council showing Iran's use of the ...and more »

PLO to UN: 'Hamas and PFLP are not terrorist organizations' - The Jerusalem Post

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danon: “These are lies and incitement from those who are paying terrorists to kill innocent Israelis.” By Danielle Ziri. June 29, 2017 20:03. 2 minute read. > Hamas, PFLP partners to speak at UN event marking 50 years of ...and more »

Know Comment: A strategy for Israeli victory? - The Jerusalem Post mobile website

Prof. Daniel Pipes, president of the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum, is on a campaign to “let Israel win” the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; to create the conditions, particularly in Washington, for an “Israel victory approach.” To this end, he ...and more »

The challenges and strengths of Palestine's 'orchestra' of civil resistance - Waging Nonviolence

Peaceful demonstrators protest outside of the apartheid fence on Route 60 outside of Beit Ommar. (Flickr/Palestine Solidarity Project). Published in collaboration with the Peace Science Digest, which summarizes and reflects on current academic research ...and more »

Partners of Hamas, PFLP Address UN Anti-Israel Event -

Organizations allied with Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) participated in the “United Nations Forum to Mark Fifty Years of Occupation,” which was held at the U.N. headquarters over the last two days, The Jerusalem ...and more »

Israeli And Palestinian Teens Have Advice For Divided Americans - HuffPost

Israeli and Palestinian teens, who join together despite the region's decades-old conflict, have some advice for Americans facing a deep political divide: talk with people you disagree with. The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus brings together Israeli and ...and more »

Jewish extremists accused of targeting, beating Palestinians in Jerusalem - The Jerusalem Post

Police on Thursday denied allegations that officers stood idly by as a mob of young members of Lehava – a Jewish extremist group known for its racist ideology and violent attacks – beat three Arabs youths in downtown Jerusalem a week ago. Lehava ...and more »

Gaza: Israel's experiment on humans in a situation of extreme stress and deprivation - Middle East Eye

One of the biggest experiments involving human subjects ever conducted anywhere is taking place right before our eyes, and the world is silent. The project is at its peak and the world shows no interest. This experiment on human beings, unsanctioned by ...and more »