Putin, Trump agree to normalise ties - The Hindu

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US president-elect Donald Trump conclude their first telephone conversation on Monday. Russian President Vladimir Putin and US president-elect Donald Trump concluded their first telephone conversation with an ...and more »

Mr. Putin, Prove You Respect President-Elect Trump – Return Edward Snowden To America - Heat Street

Vladimir Putin wants a good relationship with America and thinks under our President-Elect, he can get one. This remains to be seen. America's checks and balances system means that Putin will also have to convince a skeptical House and Senate.and more »

The 'us and them' divide worked for Putin and it will work for Trump - The Guardian

We Russians have watched our president embrace anyone prepared to join his gang and do his bidding. Americans will see the same from their new president. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are 'ecumenical nationalists' for whom xenophobia is merely a ...and more »

An Open Letter to President Elect Trump - Pravda

First of all, I would like to congratulate you again on your election victory. Perhaps you perceived a huge sigh of relief from the world community and especially Russia with your election to the presidency. I hope you have even a small idea of the ...and more »

Is Putin's Russia Ready for Trump's America? - The New Yorker

Last Wednesday morning, members of the Russian parliament broke into spontaneous applause. “Colleagues three minutes ago, Hillary Clinton admitted her defeat in U.S. Presidential elections, and just this second Trump began his speech as ...and more »

McCain to Trump: Don't cozy up to Putin - Politico

Sen. John McCain on Tuesday blasted any attempt to play nice with Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging the new Trump administration to stand "on the side of those fighting tyranny" and not with "a former KGB agent who has plunged his country into ...and more »

The Arctic is the First Stop in the United States Reset with Russia - The National Interest Online (blog)

Throughout the primaries President elect Donald Trump asserted that he wanted to have a more constructive relationship with Russia. Trump correctly asserted that President Vladimir Putin was not someone that the United States could pretend didn't exist ...and more »

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President-elect Donald J. Trump's transition team is nearing picks for heavyweight cabinet-level posts such as the secretaries of state and of the Treasury, attorney general, and ambassador to the United Nations. Continue reading the main story. Photo.and more »

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The staff of Fortune is assembling its predictions for 2017 in our annual feature, the Fortune Crystal Ball, now on newsstands in the December 1 issue of the magazine. Here's one of our forecasts. President-elect Donald Trump has been clear he expects ...and more »

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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin say they can get along. But what will the new American president do to end Russia's shadow war against the United States and its allies? Carlo Allegri/Reuters. U.S. Vladimir Putin Donald Trump. The telegram was one of ...and more »