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Liquor ban: States move to skirt 'none-for-the-road' order as pubs, bars bleed - Hindustan Times

From re-designating highways to seeking legal redress, state and city authorities across India are hunting for ways to circumvent last week's Supreme Court order banning the sale of liquor within 500m of national and state highways. The first weekend ...and more »

UP state highways turn district roads to circumvent Supreme Court's liquor ban - Hindustan Times

The Uttar Pradesh government has taken a page from the Chandigarh model to circumvent a Supreme Court order mandating the closure of establishments that sell liquor along national and state highways. It has simply rebranded many of its major state ...and more »

Wine and whimper - The Hindu

When courts clarify earlier orders, the understanding is that they would have considered more facts, applied better reasoning, and foreseen later eventualities. But when the Supreme Court last week confirmed its December order on banning sale of liquor ...and more »

Alcohol Banned On National And State Highways. All You Need To Know. - Huffington Post India

From April 1, the sale of alcohol has been banned along national highways in India, following a Supreme Court order directing states to revoke commercial liquor licences. The move is expected to severely hit liquor and wine shops to tourist ...and more »

Supreme Court Liquor Ban Leaves Hotels And Restaurants In A Lurch - Huffington Post India

It was meant to be like any other Friday evening. Yet, the Supreme Court's decision to ban liquor vends, as well as restaurants, bars and hotels serving liquor within 500 metres of national and state highways has left countless employees in the ...and more »

Harman Sidhu: The man behind the liquor ban on highways loves his drink - Hindustan Times

It's an irony of sorts. The man behind the booze ban in clubs and pubs along the highways across the country himself loves his drink. “Yes, of course l drink,” says Harman Sidhu, a road safety crusader and the man who filed the original petition which ...and more »

Highway Liquor Ban Comes Into Effect, Jokes Are Flowing On Twitter - NDTV

A Supreme Court ruling last week banned bars and liquor shops along national highways in a bid to reduce instances of drunk driving. Although the ban is applicable only on sale of liquor within 500 metres of a highway, state governments have already ...and more »

Supreme Court Bans Hotels, Restaurants Along Highways From Serving Liquor - NDTV

The Supreme Court on Friday, ruled that hotels and restaurants falling within 500 metres on either side of the national and state highways cannot serve liquor. Written By: Saptarshi Dutta | December 11, 2017 12:51 PM | News · Supreme Court Bans Hotels, ...and more »

Denotifying NHs to bypass SC liquor ban will put additional burden on states - Hindustan Times

With the Supreme Court's March 31 order banning liquor sale within 500 metres of national and state highways, at least half-a-dozen states – including Rajasthan and Punjab – are scurrying to the Centre with requests to get stretches of national ...and more »

On government table: A Presidential reference to Supreme Court on liquor sale ban order - The Indian Express

With many state governments seeking its intervention in making the Supreme Court reconsider its order banning sale of liquor within 500 metres of state and national highways, including at bars, hotels and restaurants that serve alcohol, the Centre is ...and more »