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A timely history lesson - The Hindu

A gripping, sad and agitating account of America's approach to South Asia in the decades preceding 9/11 and the rise of Taliban. In the torrent of expert opinions on President Donald Trump's new South Asia policy in recent days, the history of America ...and more »

US-Pakistan impasse continues - The Hindu

The diplomatic impasse between the United States and Pakistan continues after U.S. President Donald Trump's policy review of South Asia. Since then, several high-level bilateral meetings have been rescheduled indefinitely. Pakistan's National Assembly ...and more »

Fighting in Afghanistan: 'You have the watches. We have the time' -

Donald Trump has now officially made Afghanistan his war. How ironic. The man who portrays himself as the great isolationist, who threatens to build walls around the U.S. both literally and, in the case of trade, figuratively, is proving to be all ...and more »

Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: US Might 'Stay In Afghanistan For Another Five Decades' - RAWA News

Colonel Lawrence B. Larry Wilkerson, a retired military officer and head of the Colin L. Powell office, the former US State Secretary has warned over the possible fight between the world and region super-power countries in Afghanistan. In an interview ...and more »

Trump holds Pakistan's feet to fire - The New Indian Express

The current incumbent of the White House is not known for grace or finesse. There was none of it either, in the blunt message he delivered to Pakistan in his maiden policy address to the American people recently. Unveiling the new US strategy for South ...and more »

The Hypocrisies of Trump's 'Miniskirt' Crusade in Afghanistan - Truthdig

President Trump has doubled down on the Afghanistan war, flip-flopping on his campaign pledge to pull out of that country. It was reported that national security adviser H. R. McMaster convinced Trump to stay in Afghanistan by showing him an old black ...and more »

Donald Trump's threats will mean little to Pakistan - Hindustan Times

Donald Trump's stinging criticism of Pakistan, rebuking the country for providing safe havens to terrorists and demanding immediate change, has, understandably, gladdened hearts in New Delhi, but what are the chances this American president will ...and more »

Pak parliament, military, govt issue joint resolution in response to new US strategy - Khaama Press (press release) (blog)

A resolution was signed and jointly issued by the Pakistani parliament, government, and military in response to the new US strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia. The resolution was passed amid growing frustrations among the Pakistani politicians ...and more »

In the 'Graveyard of Empires', the US Military Presence Is on Life Support - The Wire

As a private citizen, Donald Trump advocated for full US withdrawal. As president, he has chosen to perpetuate, prolong and expand the war, at the cost to more US treasure and lives. In the 'Graveyard of Empires', the US Military Presence Is on Life ...and more »

The 'great game' begins - New Straits Times Online

People protesting against United States President Donald Trump in Peshawar, Pakistan, last week. Trump has called Pakistan all possible names that diplomacy and security discourse permit. (AFP PIC). By MAHENDRA VED. September 4, 2017 @ 9:41am. MAHENDRA ...and more »