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Two drug counselors working in a halfway house in Pennsylvania were found dead after an apparent overdose. The two counselors injected a combination of heroin and fentanyl and were found dead in their bedrooms May 21, according to USA Today.

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File photo - The heroin overdose deaths of two drug counselors this week in Pennsylvania is an example of just how bad the opioid epidemic has become, Chester County DA is quoted as saying in a CNN news report. ( Photo by Ty Wright.) (Ty Wright).

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A pair of Chester County counselors at a drug treatment halfway house were found dead Sunday of an apparent opioid overdose, according to the Chester County district attorney. Photo credit: New Hampshire State Police Forensic Lab. | Share | Share

Opioid Epidemic: Drug Counselors Die After Overdose Of Heroin And Fentanyl Cocktail At Addiction Facility - International Business Times

Two Pennsylvania drug counselors died after overdosing on opioids at an addiction facility in southeastern part of the state, according to the Chester County District Attorney, Thursday. The two were responsible for overseeing the daily activities of ...

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Two drug counselors in Pennsylvania have died after contact with deadly heroin laced with the "elephant" drug at a recovery facility. Their deaths occurred Sunday afternoon (May 21) at Freedom Ridge Recovery Lodge, a half way residential house, near ...

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WEST BRANDYWINE, PA - In case you needed any more proof just how powerful drug addiction can be, look no further than the drug rehab facility in West Brandywine, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. What makes this story unusual, is that two drug ...

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan, addressing news that two drug counselors died after overdosing at a half-way house, told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that schools need to start teaching about the dangers ...