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Beyond Gaming: 10 Other Fascinating Uses for Virtual-Reality Tech - Live Science

Gamers and gadget hounds can now get their hands on the hotly anticipated Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset: The Facebook-owned company announced the commercial release of its virtual-reality device last week at CES in Las Vegas. At a whopping $600, ...and more »

Why Virtual Reality Is About to Become a Very Real $5 Billion Industry - Newsweek

In a luxury suite 32 stories above the Las Vegas Strip, Ian Paul is explaining why virtual reality is so important to his company. Facing aggressive competition from free, ad-supported rivals, he believes VR can help him win over customers willing to ...and more »

Why Virtual Reality Isn't Just for Gamers - TIME

The concept of virtual reality has been tossed around for decades, but it first gained serious attention when Jaron Lanier coined the term in the early 1980's. Today, Lanier is known as the father of virtual reality, and is considered one of our ...and more »

This Startup Is Solving Virtual Reality's Biggest Problem - TIME

Soon-to-be-released virtual reality technology offers users a window into immersive, rich, and beautiful new worlds. Wearing a VR headset, you can swim with a whale or stargaze while floating in space. But the problem with exploring these places is ...and more »

The Rise of VR Porn - Slate Magazine

Werner Herzog believes that virtual reality is getting ahead of itself. “It looked OK, but you get tired of it fairly quickly,” he told the New Yorker of watching VR film. “The strange thing here is that normally, in the history of culture … you have ...and more »

Video Game Designers Say Virtual Reality Is Here to Stay - TIME

If you think virtual reality is doomed to fizzle, don't tell the software artisans currently building those future theme parks of the mind. Of more than 2,000 game developers who'd attended one of the annual Game Developers Conferences in the past ...and more »

GUEST ANALYSIS Can virtual reality save retailers? -

Virtual reality (VR) has recently hit the headlines hard. With the first batch of Facebook's Oculus Rift VR headset selling out in record time, Google creating a new division dedicated solely to VR, the world's first VR theme park ride launching in the ...and more »

The 25 Virtual Worlds to Visit in 2016, the Year Virtual Reality Arrived - Inverse

Virtual reality has traditionally been a difficult place to visit. With Gear VR's November debut, the Playstation Morpheus, and Oculus Rift arriving this year, that's about to change even as virtual reality itself expands. In terms of ongoing VR ...and more »

check - Travel Weekly

When it comes to travel, VR is the next best thing to actually being there. And the technology just might be the next big thing in travel marketing. Mount your headsets and get ready. Virtual reality (VR) is fast-tracking its way to possibly ...and more »

Virtual reality takes porn 'to the next level' - Phys.Org

Just ask Anna Lee: Woody Allen's Orgasmatron, his then-futuristic vision of self-initiated sex from the 1973 movie "Sleeper," has finally become a reality. Virtual reality, that is. Lee, president of Holofilm Productions of Vancouver, Canada, stood on ...and more »