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Archaeologists reconstruct remains of man buried in 13th century medieval hospital graveyard -

MEET Context 958. He likely lived in a charitable institution in medieval England and ate a lot of fish and meat. Nick Whigham@NWWHIGHAM · 22, 201711:37am. Meet the man who died more than 700 years ago. Picture: Dr. Chris Rynn ...and more »

Archaeologists Reconstruct Face of Medieval Man Who Died 700 Years Ago - Live Science

The face of a British man who died about 700 years ago has been brought to life using reconstructive technology. The medieval man was buried along with hundreds of others in a graveyard underneath what is now the Old Divinity School building of St ...and more »

Facial Reconstruction of Medieval Man Sheds Light on England's “Ordinary Poor” - Smithsonian

The man known as Context 958 spent his last days in the Hospital of St. John the Evangelist, a home for the destitute in medieval England. He died sometime in the 1200s and was given an unremarkable burial in the expansive graveyard behind the hospital ...and more »

Face of Cambridge man brought to life 700 years after his death - The Guardian

The face of a Cambridge man who died more than 700 years ago has been reconstructed as part of a project to gain insights into the anonymous poor of the medieval city. The 13th-century man, known as Context 958 by researchers, was among hundreds whose ...and more »

This Is The Ghostly Face Of A Poor Man Who Lived 700 Years Ago - Huffington Post UK

New facial reconstruction techniques have allowed us, for the first time, to stare into the eyes of a man who lived a staggering 700 years ago. Unlike previous reconstructions this man was not a noble, nor was he important, instead he is the ...and more »

Face of 13th Century patient recreated - BBC News

Scientists studying a medieval hospital graveyard in Cambridge have recreated the face of a 13th Century patient. The skeleton - known formally as "Context 958" - was among 400 sets of remains found beneath St John's College during recent excavations ...and more »

Face of 'ordinary poor' man from medieval Cambridge graveyard revealed - Phys.Org

New facial reconstruction of a man buried in a medieval hospital graveyard discovered underneath a Cambridge college sheds light on how ordinary poor people lived in medieval England. The audience of an event at this year's Cambridge Science Festival ...and more »

Researchers Reconstruct The Face Of Man Who Died In 13th Century - Tech Times

An astounding discovery has thrown light on how ordinary people in medieval England lived. A hospital graveyard from the 13th century was discovered by researchers beneath a college in Cambridge, England. Here they found the remains of a man, dubbed ...and more »

Facial Reconstruction Of 13th-Century Englishman Is Insanely Photorealistic - IFLScience (blog)

Facial reconstructions of people that lived long ago are tricky things, to say the least. A lot of inferences have to be made based on their fragmented skeleton, and even then, the quality of the replication varies wildly. However, it's safe to say a ...and more »

700-year-old man's face is revealed - New York Post

The face of an ordinary man who lived 700 years ago was revealed, thanks to the work of archaeologists at the UK's University of Cambridge. Researchers found that the medieval man, known as “Context 958,” was a member of the urban poor. Although he ...and more »