Google App Streaming: A Big Move In Building “The Web Of Apps” - Marketing Land

A world where you can search through and move between apps as easily as with the web? Google's new app streaming service may usher this in. Danny Sullivan on November 18, 2015 at 12:00 pm. More. google-us-map2-ss-1920. Google App Streaming ...and more »

Android Google Search lets you use an app without installing it - Ars Technica

Select searches will list a result from an app with a "stream" label next to it. Tap the link and you're instantly transported to an app! Google sends you a video feed over the Internet, and you send Google touch input. Tap on the "G" logo and you get ...and more »

How Google May Rank Apps & App-Only Content - Search Engine Land

Google App Indexing API is a key SEO factor for Google to rank and determine the importance of the sections of your app, especially for app-only apps. Barry Schwartz on November 19, 2015 at 9:40 am. More. google-logo-wordmark-2015-1920. In 2016 ...and more »

Google Expands App Indexing To Find & Stream App-Only Content - Search Engine Land

Google is now experimenting with nine Android apps to surface their app only content in the mobile search results. This is a huge step for apps and Google search. Barry Schwartz on November 18, 2015 at 12:00 pm. More. apps-mobile-smartphone-ss-1920.and more »

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Most of us will soon start the hunt for holiday gifts for friends and family. We'd be smart to do whatever we can to avoid overspending. “Many people try to approach shopping with a budget in mind, but they aren't always following through,” says ...and more »

Google Fit now pulls in data from third-party food, fitness, and sleep apps - VentureBeat

Google Fit has been largely overshadowed by Apple's personal health data aggregation platform HealthKit, but at least it's starting to add some new features. Google announced today that, at long last, Google Fit can intake data from other popular ...and more »

Google Play will start labeling Android apps with ads in early 2016 - VentureBeat

Google sent a note out to developers today saying that any Android apps containing ads will have to carry an “ad-supported” label in listings at the Play store. Google launched the labeling requirement for apps in the Designed for Families program this ...and more »

Thanks, Google: Mobile user acquisition just got a lot more interesting - VentureBeat

Mobile marketers and publishers might have a lot of reasons to thank Google in the coming months. Millions of them, in fact, and possibly even billions. As VentureBeat reported this morning, Google unveiled new technology this morning that not only ...and more »

Revealed: Google's master plan to give cord cutters reasons to give a hoot about Android TV - TechHive

The Android TV team talks to Cord-cutter Confidential about what needs fixing, and what comes next. Email a friend. To. Use commas to separate multiple email addresses. From. Privacy Policy. Thank you. Your message has been sent. Sorry. There was an ...and more »

Google Search Now Surfaces App-Only Content, Streams Apps From The Cloud When Not Installed On Your Phone - TechCrunch

Google today is making a big change in terms of its ability to surface the content found in mobile applications through Google search: it's no longer requiring that apps have matching web content in order to be indexed through Google's search engine.and more »