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Muslim Schoolgirls in Switzerland Must Swim With Boys, ECHR Rules - Newsweek

Muslim girls in Switzerland must swim with their male classmates, the European Court on Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled. Judges rejected a case brought by two Swiss nationals, originally from Turkey, who refused to send their Muslim teenage daughters to ...and more »

ECHR rules Muslim schoolgirls must take swimming classes in Switzerland - Deutsche Welle

Muslim parents had alleged that sending their daughters to compulsory swimming lessons violated freedom of religion. The ECHR ruled that Swiss authorities were within bounds to deny an exemption. Musliminnen in einem Schwimmbad Burkini Deutschland ...and more »

Muslim Girls in Switzerland Must Attend Swim Classes With Boys, Court Says - New York Times

In 2008, school officials in Basel, Switzerland, ordered a Muslim couple to enroll their daughters in a mandatory swimming class, despite the parents' objections to having their girls learn alongside boys. The officials offered the couple some ...and more »

EU Court: Muslim girls must swim with boys in Switzerland - Business Insider

A panel of seven judges found that freedom of religion had been "interfered with" but that the move was legitimised by the aim of "social integration". They were ruling on a legal challenge brought by two Swiss-Turkish parents from Basel, Aziz ...and more »

European court rules Muslim girls in Switzerland must take school swimming lessons - The Local Switzerland

Muslim girls in Switzerland should not be exempted from mixed-sex school swimming lessons, the European Court of Human Rights has said in a landmark ruling. The court in Strasbourg on Tuesday threw out the case brought by a Muslim couple in Basel who ...and more »

ECHR: Swiss Muslim girls must attend mixed-sex swimming lessons - The Guardian

A mixed-sex school swimming lesson. The parents in the case argued that their beliefs did not allow their children to take part in mixed-sex lessons. Photograph: Fiona Hanson/PA. Switzerland has won a case at the European court of human rights over its ...and more »

Muslim parents must send children to mixed swimming lessons, European court rules -

Muslims girls in Switzerland must not be exempt from mixed swimming lessons, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has said, in a potentially groundbreaking ruling. The court in Strasbourg threw out an appeal that had been brought by a Muslim ...and more »

Muslim Children in Switzerland Must Attend Mixed Swimming Classes, Court Rules - TIME

Europe's highest ruled that refusing to exempt two Muslim pupils from compulsory mixed swimming lessons gave precedence to the children's “full school curriculum” and had “not infringed the right to freedom of religion.” Two Swiss-Turkish nationals ...and more »

Swiss Muslim girls must learn to swim with boys, court rules - BBC News

Switzerland has won a case at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) obliging Muslim parents to send their children to mixed swimming lessons. It said authorities were justified in giving precedence to enforcing "the full school curriculum" and the ...and more »

What the ruling on swim classes in Switzerland means for Muslims in Europe - Christian Science Monitor

Are pools the new frontier for debates over Muslim integration? In Europe, it can seem that way. It's not just about bathing suits, either. Sara Miller Llana dives into a court ruling on Switzerland, where both immigrants and natives are negotiating ...and more »