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Vote for new or old Monopoly tokens - WRCB-TV

Changes are coming to the iconic Monopoly board game and they could involve emojis as game pieces. Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly, is letting the public vote for the next generation of tokens to be used in the game. You can choose from a mix of emojis ...and more »

You can vote for emoji to replace the current Monopoly tokens - Engadget

Hasbro is no stranger to taking votes on new Monopoly tokens, but this time around everyone's favorite tiny images are among the options. Between now and January 31st, you can select which of the 56 new game pieces you would like to see make the cut ...and more »

Monopoly's 56 New Tokens: See Them All -

As part of Hasbro's Monopoly Token Madness Vote, players will now get a chance to vote for their favorite pieces — essentially deciding the 8-token lineup of future games. However, the selections aren't just limited to the current pieces (Scottie Dog ...and more »

New Monopoly pieces put to vote: See all 56 emoji tokens - SlashGear

Game and toy company Hasbro has announced the changing of the pieces in the classic game about money – Monopoly. This new version of the game will be put up to vote – internet vote – to decide which pieces should stay and which pieces should go. New ...and more »

Tokens Of Next Monopoly Game To Be Decided By Fans Through Online Voting: Here Are The 64 Choices - Tech Times

Game company Hasbro has put up an online voting system that will allow players to determine the eight tokens that will be featured in the next Monopoly game. Hasbro has been in tune with technology for the classic board game, with the most recent ...and more »

Monopoly Is Letting You Vote on 57 New Pieces to Add to the Game - Nerdist

The real conflict in any game of Monopoly does not take place on the board. It happens before you play, when everyone has to decide who gets to be the shoe, who gets to zoom around in the car, and who gets stuck with the stupid thimble (calm down ...and more »

Monopoly Game Pieces Could Be Replaced by Emojis and Dinosaurs - Fortune

Well-known Monopoly pieces like the thimble and Scottie dog could be replaced by a dinosaur, emoji, and sliced bread. Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly, is asking fans to vote for eight tokens they would like to see in the next generation of the board game ...and more »

All classic Monopoly tokens face retirement in fan vote - FOX 29

Hasbro is asking Monopoly fans to pick eight tokens in a new generation of the classic board game. These are eight of 56 contenders. Picture from Hasbro. (From left to right: NASCAR, rubber ducky, wagon wheel, TV, watch, bunny slippers, Monopoly emoji ...and more »

Emoji Are Here to Ruin Monopoly - New York Magazine

Because apparently nothing is sacred, Hasbro is holding an open vote to let people select a new set of Monopoly tokens. There are 64 token choices and the poll, which you can find here, is open for another three weeks. In case you haven't played ...and more »

Hasbro Leaves New Monopoly Pieces To Internet Voting, Because What Could Go Wrong? - Huffington Post

In 2007, the internet named a humpback whale ― that most regal of ocean creatures ― “Mr Splashy Pants.” In 2012, it sent Miami rap artist Pitbull to perform at a remote Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. And in 2016, it voted to name a pricey new polar ...and more »