Ecuador Election Guide: What's at Stake and Who's the Favorite in Second Round Vote? - Newsweek

When Ecuador went to the polls six weeks ago, Lenín Moreno, a former vice president under outgoing leftist President Rafael Correa, comfortably gained the most votes. But that was in a field of eight candidates. On Sunday, the choice for Ecuadoreans ...and more »

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A champion of social welfare and author of self-help books faces off against a conservative ex-banker promising a change of direction for Ecuador in its runoff presidential election on Sunday. Here are brief profiles of ruling party candidate Lenin ...and more »

WikiLeaks Assange's fate hinging on close Ecuador election this Sunday - Fox News

The fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is hinging on Sunday's runoff presidential election in Ecuador, the South American country that has granted him asylum in its London embassy since 2012. The latest polls indicate that the two candidates, ...and more »

Latin America's besieged left faces showdown in Ecuador - Financial Times

In a low-income area of Ecuador's capital, followers of Lenín Boltaire Moreno sang along at his final rally to a quintessential Latin American revolutionary song, composed in 1973 by Chile's Quilapayún: “The people united will never be defeated ...and more »

Julian Assange's asylum is at stake when Ecuador votes Sunday - Washington Post

QUITO, Ecuador — Julian Assange has defied the world's most powerful government and intelligence agencies for years. Now his fate will be decided by humble banana workers and Quechua-speaking shopkeepers in the Andean highlands. Ecuadoran ...and more »

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Ecuador will head to the polls Sunday to elect a successor to President Rafael Correa, in a polarized election climate that has two opposing candidates on the ballot. After a tight first-round, leftist government candidate Lenin Moreno will compete ...and more »

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Sunday's scheduled presidential election in Ecuador is finely poised between a candidate offering a continuation of the left-leaning populism of President Rafael Correa and another promising a local version of the pro-business policies that have been ...and more »

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Julian Assange has spent four-and-a-half years in the Ecuadorian embassy. Photograph: Peter Nicholls/Reuters. Julian Assange. Julian Assange waits for Ecuador's election to decide his future. Victory for opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso could mean ...and more »

Ecuadorians to Choose Between Lenin and a Tax-Cutting Banker - Bloomberg

After a year in which much of Latin America moved to more market friendly policies, Ecuadorians must decide Sunday whether to continue with a decade of left-leaning populism or change tack and vote in a career banker who is promising to cut taxes and ...and more »

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QUITO: Ecuador votes Sunday in a presidential runoff that will decide whether it follows Latin America's recent shift to the right, and could seal the fate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The South American oil producer is turning the page on a ...and more »