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A new Wall Street Journal report adds credence to previous rumors that Nintendo is planning to use cartridges rather than optical discs for its still-shadowy NX console. The report, which cites unnamed "people familiar with the matter," suggests that ...and more »

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Nintendo's New NX Console to Go Retro With Videogame Cartridges - Wall Street Journal

TOKYO—Nintendo Co. plans to adopt cartridges for its next-generation videogame console, people familiar with the matter said, a step that might prompt a reassessment of the old-school format. The industry prefers optical discs when physically ...and more »

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Report: Nintendo is bringing the cartridge back for its new console - The Next Web

Nintendo plans to release its new system with a format many of us thought was dead — the cartridge. Ultimately abandoned after the Nintendo 64, the cartridge was long feared dead until chip-based cartridges started garnering new attention. Flash ...and more »

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A Wall Street Journal report further confirms that the Nintendo NX will be using cartridges instead of discs. Nostalgia is one of the reasons for the decision, but there are many more. ( Kevork Djansezian | Getty Images ). Advertisement. It has been ...and more »

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Nintendo is planning to bring back cartridge-based gaming for its next console, code-named NX. And while Nintendo has been riding a wave of nostalgia lately, this decision is based firmly in what the technology can do. Optical discs overtook cartridges ...and more »

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Nintendo's NX using cartridges has been reported in the past. Now, it sounds even more likely as the Wall Street Journal has heard from "people familiar with the matter" that the company's next console will pass on discs. It's important to note that ...and more »

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A few more treasures pulled from my old bedroom closet. These are SNES carts, of course. Specifically (from back to front): Yoshi's Island, Super Tennis, Final Fantasy II and Secret of Mana. More info on these games can be found here: ...and more »