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Nintendo's New NX Console to Go Retro With Videogame Cartridges - Wall Street Journal

An old Nintendo Entertainment System videogame console at the PAX East gaming conference in Boston in April 2012. The Japanese company is said to be planning to adopt cartridges for its next-generation videogame console, code-named NX. Photo: Reuters ...and more »

You can play these 10 Super Nintendo classics right now - Chicago Tribune

But did you know that, thanks to the magic of porting teams at Sony and Nintendo, a lot of the games you loved in the '90s are playable right now on some of your newer consoles? As long as you've got a Wii U, Wii, or PlayStation hardware made after ...and more »

Report: Nintendo is bringing the cartridge back for its new console - The Next Web

Nintendo plans to release its new system with a format many of us thought was dead — the cartridge. Ultimately abandoned after the Nintendo 64, the cartridge was long feared dead until chip-based cartridges started garnering new attention. Flash ...and more »

More evidence that Nintendo's NX is going to use physical game cartridges - Ars Technica

A new Wall Street Journal report adds credence to previous rumors that Nintendo is planning to use cartridges rather than optical discs for its still-shadowy NX console. The report, which cites unnamed "people familiar with the matter," suggests that ...and more »

Why Nintendo's Next Console Might Bring Back Cartridges - Popular Mechanics

Nintendo is planning to bring back cartridge-based gaming for its next console, code-named NX. And while Nintendo has been riding a wave of nostalgia lately, this decision is based firmly in what the technology can do. Optical discs overtook cartridges ...and more »

Nintendo NX To Use Game Cartridges Instead Of Discs - Forbes

That's according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, which notes that "people familiar with the matter" have confirmed the adoption of the retro format. Rumors of the cartridge format have been in circulation for some time now, but this appears ...and more »

Report: Nintendo NX will use cartridges, not discs - Polygon

The Wall Street Journal is reporting "people familiar with the matter" have stated that Nintendo will go back to some form of cartridge as the storage medium for games on the NX, the company's upcoming console. "Industry watchers said cartridges were a ...and more »

Nintendo's next console will reportedly use cartridges - The Verge

Nintendo is reportedly planning to return to old-school game cartridges for its next home console, codenamed the NX. This is according to The Wall Street Journal, which cites anonymous sources familiar with the matter. However, it's not the first time ...and more »

Nintendo NX bto accept cartridges, rather than discs - Daily News & Analysis

Nintendo's March 2017 console, the Nintendo NX, will accept cartridges rather than discs, lending further credence to the idea that it will borrow elements from both home and portable console traditions. The cartridge format is closely associated with ...and more »

25 Video Game Cartridges, Ranked - Motherboard

From function to finesse, here are the greatest slabs of plastic that stored our video games. SHARE; TWEET. Zack Kotzer. Sep 3 2016, 8:00am. Have you ever seen anything nicer than that? Image: Flickr/Bryan Ochalla. Rumours have been brewing for some ...and more »