Cotton Challenges Apple CEO Tim Cook on Encryption - InsideSources

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton challenged Tim Cook on Monday over comments he made in support of Apple's encryption policy during a recent interview, and said the CEO “omitted critical facts” about the technology on CBS's “60 Minutes” Sunday.and more »

Cotton slams Apple on encryption - Politico

Sen. Tom Cotton on Monday slammed Apple CEO Tim Cook over his defense of encryption on "60 Minutes" and warned that major tech companies risk becoming havens for “child pornographers, drug traffickers and terrorists alike.” In the wake of the deadly ...and more »

Pressured by Republicans and Democrats, Apple CEO Cook Stands by Encryption - Newsweek

1221_apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus during an Apple media event in San Francisco on September 9. Beck Diefenbach/Reuters. Tech & Science Encryption Tim Cook Apple James Comey. Facing rare bipartisan political ...and more »

Apple CEO Tim Cook sticks to his guns: “No encryption backdoors” - Naked Security

As you can probably imagine, the topic of encryption came up, in particular the issue of what backdoors. Bluntly put, a backdoor is a deliberate security hole – for example, an undocumented master decryption key – that is knowingly added to a software ...and more »

Apple CEO Says Chinese Have More Skill Making Their Products Than Americans - Yahoo TV (blog)

On 60 Minutes Sunday, Charlie Rose asked Apple CEO Tim Cook about his company's manufacturing practices in China. Cook said the decision to use Chinese manufacturing has nothing to do with American workers demanding higher wages. He said it was ...and more »

Tim Cook's Views On American Workers Shows He's a Rotten Apple - Huffington Post

Tim Cook said on 60 Minutes Sunday night that Apple manufactures in China because China focuses more on vocational education than the United States. He's not being truthful. Apple manufactures in China because it can. It can exploit a nearly endless ...and more »

Opinion: Tim Cook oversimplifies US 'skill' problem - MarketWatch

Would Apple investors tolerate lower profit margins to help rebuild manufacturing businesses in the U.S.? Hardly. Might American shoppers be willing to pay higher prices to spur the opening of more tool and die factories in the U.S.? It would be a very ...and more »

Apple CEO Tim Cook: I get messages from gay teens considering suicide - PinkNews

Apple CEO Tim Cook has opened up about his coming out journey, revealing why he chose not to address his sexuality until last year. Mr Cook, who succeeded Steve Jobs as the head of the Cupertino firm, spoke about his sexuality for the first time last ...and more »

Patently Apple attacks Apple for protecting its customers privacy with end to end encryption - CIO

You might have noticed a flurry of recent news stories about Apple being attacked for its commitment to protect the privacy of its customers by using end-to-end encryption. Various law enforcement officials and politicians have criticized Apple for ...and more »

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton says Apple's Tim Cook 'omitted critical facts' in encryption stance - Apple Insider

In a statement issued on Monday, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, criticized Tim Cook for his defense of strong encryption during a 60 Minutes interview, claiming that the Apple CEO had "omitted critical facts." "As a society, we ...and more »