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A German court denied a mother access to her dead daughter's Facebook data - Business Insider

BERLIN (AP) — A Berlin court has denied a mother access to her deceased daughter's Facebook data, ruling German privacy laws outweigh her parental rights. Facebook office logo sign Sean Gallup/Getty Images BERLIN (AP) — A Berlin court has denied a ...and more »

Parents lose appeal over access to dead girl's Facebook account - The Guardian

Berlin court rules parents of 15-year-old, who want to know if she was being bullied, cannot see her chat history. Kate Connolly in Berlin. Wed 31 May 2017 10.28 EDT Last modified on Mon 27 Nov 2017 18.27 EST. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter ...and more »

Court: Dead daughter's parents have no right to access her Facebook account - Ars Technica

A German appeals court on Wednesday rejected the pleas from a dead girl's parents who wanted access to the 15-year-old's Facebook account. The social networking site fought the parents, claiming that opening the account would breach the privacy of the ...and more »

Facebook privacy: Court backs blocking parents from dead girl's account - ZDNet

The Berlin ruling may still be appealed in the federal courts, so it's possible that the case isn't over yet. Image: Shutterstock. Facebook has won a rare victory in the German courts, in a case that unusually saw the social networking giant relying on ...and more »

German court rejects parents' access to dead teenager's Facebook account - BBC News

A court in Germany has ruled that the parents of a dead teenage girl have no right to access their daughter's Facebook account. The 15-year-old was killed by a train in 2012 and her parents were trying to establish if she had committed suicide. They ...and more »

Dead girl's parents blocked from accessing her Facebook account - Irish Times

Facebook was correct to block, on data protection grounds, a German woman's access to the account of her dead daughter, a Berlin court has ruled. Five years ago a Berlin couple learned that their 15-year-old daughter died after being struck by an ...and more »

Parents have no right to dead child's Facebook account, German court says - Reuters

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - A German court rejected a mother's demand on Wednesday that Facebook grant her access to her deceased daughter's account. FILE PHOTO: A picture shows the Facebook logo on a beach chair at the Facebook office in Berlin, ...and more »

German court says 'Nein' on Facebook profile access request - The Register

A German appeals court has ruled that Facebook does not need to give the parents of a deceased teen access to the child's account. The Court of Appeals in Berlin on Wednesday overturned a regional court's decision to allow the parents of a 15-year-old ...and more »

Parents of dead girl lose case to access her Facebook account and see if she was cyber bullying victim - The Independent

The parents of a girl who died after being hit by a subway train have lost their appeal for access to her Facebook account. The 15-year-old died in Berlin in 2012, and her parents say they want to use her Facebook messages to work out if she was a ...and more »

Court rules parents can't access dead teen's Facebook account - New York Post

The parents of a dead teen girl cannot access her Facebook account for clues as to why she died, a German court ruled Wednesday. The unnamed 15-year-old was hit by a train in 2012, and her folks have been trying to access her chat history to find out ...and more »