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British Astronaut Tim Peake to Run London Marathon in Space -

One astronaut is about to bravely go where no man has gone before: for a 26-mile (42 kilometer) run aboard the International Space Station. Tim Peake, a British astronaut with the European Space Agency, announced plans to run the London Marathon while ...and more »

​ISS Astronauts Send Endearingly Awkward New Year's Greetings - Motherboard

Astronauts are supposed to be really cool. After all, they're the badass, fearless individuals all five-year-olds aspire to be. But this New Year's video greeting card sent to Earth by some of the crew of the International Space Station proves that ...and more »

Pensioner thought British astronaut Tim Peake 'had been out down the pub' after he phoned her by mistake from ISS - The Independent

The pensioner who Tim Peake accidently called from space said she thought the British astronaut “had been out down the pub”. Betty Barker, a 79-year-old retired teacher, told the Daily Mirror: “He said, "Hello, is that planet Earth?" So I said "no". “I ...and more »

'I thought astronaut Tim Peake was boozed up reveller when he wrong number called me from SPACE' -

A pensioner who received a 'prank call' from space by British astronaut Tim Peake has told how she thought he was a boozed up festive reveller. Pensioner Betty Barker, 79, took the wrong number call from Britain's first ever official astronaut at 11pm ...and more »

Tim Peake blames spreadsheet error for wrongly phoning grandmother from space -

British astronaut Tim Peake blamed a spreadsheet error for wrongly phoning grandmother Betty Barker from the International Space Station. Major Peake said Microsoft Excel had rounded up a number in his list, forcing him to accidentally dial a different ...and more »

Astronaut dials wrong number from space station: Guess who picked up - TechnoBuffalo

British astronaut Tim Peake was trying to place a phone call from the International Space Station to, presumably, either a family member or his employer. Peake accidentally dialed the wrong phone number, putting him in touch with 79-year old Betty ...and more »

Pensioner thought astronaut Tim Peake was a drinker who'd had one too many when he phoned her by mistake from ... - Daily Mail

The pensioner who was accidentally called from space when British astronaut Tim Peake dialled the wrong number has told how she thought he was a festive drinker who'd had one too many. Major Peake apologised to Betty Barker, 79, after phoning in error ...and more »

'Hello, is this planet Earth?': Astronaut apologizes after accidentally calling wrong number from space - New York Daily News

A British astronaut has apologized after accidentally calling the wrong number from on board the International Space Station. Tim Peake, a member of the European Space Agency, mistakenly dialed senior citizen Betty Barker as he tried to call his family ...and more »

YOU can fly a Soyuz like Tim Peake, with T3's helpful guide - T3

British astronaut Tim Peake is currently orbiting the Earth in the ISS while we all tuck into our roast turkeys. He got there on an old-school Russian Soyuz rocket. Ever wondered what all the knobs and buttons on the steampunk spacecraft's control ...and more »

Astronaut dials the wrong number from space - CNET

We've all gotten calls from people who have misdialed, drunk-dialed or butt-dialed, but not many of us can say we've accidentally gotten a call from an astronaut trying to make contact from the International Space Station. British European Space Agency ...and more »