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Mattis Insists He and Trump Are on the Same Page on North Korea - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis insisted on Thursday that he was not at odds with President Trump over North Korea and asserted that the media had misinterpreted his recent remarks on how to deal with Pyongyang. Mr. Trump tweeted on ...and more »

Mattis contradicts Trump on North Korea - CBS News

Defense Secretary James Mattis on Wednesday contradicted President Trump's latest comment about abandoning diplomacy with North Korea, during a meeting with his South Korean counterpart. When asked about it, Mattis rejected the idea that the U.S. ...and more »

Trump Says He Will Not Talk to North Korea. Experts Fear He Will. - New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump vowed on Wednesday that he would not talk to Kim Jong-un, cooling off what has become his on-again, off-again cultivation of North Korea's rogue dictator. But if Mr. Trump's tweet, in which he said, “talking is not the ...and more »

Theresa May aims to calm Japan's Brexit concerns on Tokyo trip - Deutsche Welle

With the UK preparing to leave the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May is wasting no time trying to lay the groundwork for future bilateral trade agreements, and Japan is her latest target. The EU and Japan agreed in principle on an ...and more »

Journalists need to resist the emerging narrative around Trump's generals - Columbia Journalism Review

President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis. (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images). Every day seems to bring something unprecedented out of Washington, something entirely outside normal political and journalistic ...and more »

Japan seeks funds to boost missile ranges days after North Korea threat - Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's defense ministry on Thursday sought $160 million in a record budget request to develop swift, longer-range missiles to extend its military punch in East Asia, countering growing Chinese strength and an increasing North Korean ...and more »

Trump says 'all options on table' after North Korea fires missile over Japan - CNN

Tokyo (CNN) US President Donald Trump has warned Pyongyang that "all options are on the table" after North Korea fired a missile over Japan early Tuesday. Tuesday's launch was particularly provocative as it was North Korea's first ballistic missile to ...and more »

Japan is alarmed and outraged by North Korea's missile test - The Economist

Pyongyang's provocations raise questions about Japan's civil-defence readiness and its pacifist constitution. Print edition | Asia. Aug 31st 2017 | SENDAI AND TOKYO. WHEN the alarm sounded from loudspeakers in the streets and his mobile telephone ...and more »

Calls grow for Japan to increase military strength following North Korean missile launch - The Hankyoreh

Conservatives in government are pushing for development of preemptive strike capabilities. A member of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces stands in front of a Patriot-3 missile launcher at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo. (Tokyo/AP). A North Korean missile's ...and more »

How Japan Reacted to North Korea's Ballistic Missile Overflight of Its Territory - The Diplomat

After North Korea fired a ballistic missile over northern Japan early Tuesday morning local time, Japan is weighing next steps. North Korea's provocation gives impetus for Japan to acquire a land-based Aegis missile defense system to complement its ...and more »