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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review - Digital Trends

Since we began treating video games as tech instead of as toys in the last decade, the primary argument for console gaming over playing games on a powerful PC has ultimately come down to simplicity. Gaming PCs have always provided the opportunity for ...and more »

PlayStation 4 Pro vs. Xbox One S: Which 4K Console Is For You? - Tom's Guide

Both Sony and Microsoft have raised the bar for console gaming. Thanks to the addition of HDR, your favorite games get a vibrantly colored makeover on both the Xbox One S (starting at $299) and the new PlayStation Pro (starting at $399). Each new ...and more »

Sony PS4 Pro - PC Magazine

At its core, Sony's PS4 Pro is an upgraded version of the original PlayStation 4. It's more powerful, with a larger 1TB hard drive and support for both 4K and HDR video. But it's pricier than the standard (and now slimmer) PS4 at $399.99, lacks Ultra ...and more »

PlayStation 4 Pro review: 4K gaming is here - The Verge

The PlayStation 4 Pro marks a turning point for the modern console era. In fact, it redefines what a "console" even means. Consoles are supposed to offer "good enough" graphics at an attractive price point, and a consistent hardware target to allow ...and more »

PlayStation 4 Pro review: Plenty of power, not much to do with it - Yahoo News

Time was, you could buy a video game console with the confidence that you wouldn't feel the urge to buy a new one for a while. Those days are gone. While hardware manufacturers have long released new versions of game systems with slimmed down ...and more »

Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro arrives: games get 4K resolution but is the upgrade really worth it? -

Suddenly, they're arriving in half that time and asking you to make difficult decisions about whether your merely middle-aged machine is ready for retirement. Sony's PlayStation 4 is the latest console to ask that question, with a Pro version of the ...and more »

Review: Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is here — but is it worth upgrading? - The Next Web

We've had our grubby little mitts on the PlayStation 4 Pro for a little over a week now. Today, we can finally tell you about it. First, it's important to understand that it's an iterative update. It's not a 'new' system in the truest sense of the word ...and more »

PlayStation 4 Pro Review - GameSpot

Update: This is our PS4 Pro review. For more information on the PS4 Slim, check out our coverage here. Related: Console Specs Compared. The PlayStation 4 Pro represents a new move for Sony. While the company has refreshed many of its consoles ...and more »

PS4 Pro review: Is Sony's more powerful console worth the mid-generation upgrade? -

Notable performance improvements even on 1080p screens; 4K gaming with solid upscaling of HD titles; ease of transfer from existing PS4s. Cons. No 4K Blu-ray support; occasionally loud fans; not Sony's prettiest console. Price. £349.99. 8 / 10. Sony is ...and more »

PlayStation 4 Pro review: You're gonna want a 4K TV - Ars Technica

A new video game console is usually a chance to envision an entirely new future for popular gaming. After years of developers and players exploring the old console inside and out, a new console cleanly breaks with the past. Typically, it introduces new ...and more »