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Twitter changes iconic egg profile photo - The Hindu

Popular micro-blogging website Twitter has changed its iconic default egg profile photo to a new neutral human silhouette after seven years as part of an initiative to combat harassment and encourage users to upload their own pictures. The change in ...and more »

Twitter is getting rid of the egg avatar (because that will totally fix the abuse problem) - TechCrunch

Everyone knows that Twitter has a harassment problem. And while the service has tried things like banning abusive users (both on a temporary and permanent basis) it hasn't really fixed the problem. Today, they're announcing another sweeping change that ...and more »

Twitter Getting Rid Of The Default Egg Profile Picture That Has A Bad Actor Reputation - Hot Hardware

Twitter is making it a little more difficult to be an anonymous troll. The social media giant is getting rid of its default “egg” profile picture. This default has come to be associated on Twitter with harassment and abuse. According to a Twitter ...and more »

Twitter eggs are bad news so the company got rid of them - Engadget

The day before April Fools isn't the best time to make big announcements, but that's not stopping Twitter from dropping some big news. The social network revealed its new default profile picture today, an icon that looks more like a real person and ...and more »

Here's why Twitter has dropped its iconic default egg avatar - ThaiVisa News

The egg avatar which has been the default profile picture on Twitter has been dropped over fears that it could be linked to online abuse. “We've noticed patterns of behaviour with accounts that are created only to harass others – often they don't take ...and more »

Twitter is retiring its default 'egg' profile picture, but that doesn't do anything to solve its abuse problems - Recode

R.I.P. Twitter eggs. Twitter is changing its default profile photo and getting rid of the egg picture it has used since 2010 for users who don't upload their own picture. Instead, Twitter is using a new human silhouette to encourage people to upload ...and more »

Goodbye, Twitter eggs! Default profile picture changes - SiliconBeat

Twitter is literally cracking all of its eggs in an effort to encourage more users to upload pictures of themselves and be more civil online. When people join the social media site, the default images has been an egg since 2010. It was a fun and ...and more »

Twitter Addresses Nazi Egg Problem by Making Nazis Look Like Something Else - Gizmodo

On Friday, Twitter unveiled a new default profile pic for users, swapping out the site's ubiquitous egg avatars for a human-like blob. According to the company, the move was made to encourage “people to express themselves” after noticing “an ...and more »

Twitter changes its default profile photo from an egg to a human-shaped blob - Macworld

Twitter has ditched the egg, abandoning the bird motif for a more generic option. On Friday, Twitter introduced a new default profile picture, switching from the well-known egg to a simple human silhouette. Twitter hopes this change will encourage ...and more »

Twitter Replaces Default Egg Profile Photo - Mac Rumors

Why does this matter. Rating: 14 Votes. Avatar. pdaholic. 14 months ago. will eggsplaining still be a thing? That's a bad yolk, but omelette it slide. Rating: 8 Votes. Avatar · Johnny907. 14 months ago. Read past the title. *reads past the article* Yup ...and more »