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Mattis says no rift with Trump on North Korea -

The defense secretary's earlier comments 'didn't contradict anything the president said,' Mattis said Thursday. By Jacqueline Klimas and Wesley Morgan. 8/31/17, 8:43 PM CET. Updated 8/31/17, 9:26 PM CET. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday ...and more »

North Korea's missile test over Japan was a threatening proof of concept - Popular Science

At about 6am on local time Tuesday morning, Japan's government issued a warning to its citizens that a missile was headed their way. That missile, fired from North Korea, crashed into the Pacific Ocean 575 miles east of Japan just 14 minutes after launch.and more »

Trump Says He Will Not Talk to North Korea. Experts Fear He Will. - New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump vowed on Wednesday that he would not talk to Kim Jong-un, cooling off what has become his on-again, off-again cultivation of North Korea's rogue dictator. But if Mr. Trump's tweet, in which he said, “talking is not the ...and more »

Theresa May secures Japanese pledge on post-Brexit trade deal - The Guardian

Leaders announce in Tokyo that two countries will seek to instantly replace EU trade deal with a copycat deal for UK. Peter Walkerin Tokyo. @peterwalker99. Thu 31 Aug 2017 08.54 EDT Last modified on Wed 14 Feb 2018 10.33 EST. Share on Facebook ...and more »

How Japan Reacted to North Korea's Ballistic Missile Overflight of Its Territory - The Diplomat

After North Korea fired a ballistic missile over northern Japan early Tuesday morning local time, Japan is weighing next steps. North Korea's provocation gives impetus for Japan to acquire a land-based Aegis missile defense system to complement its ...and more »

Mattis Insists He and Trump Are on the Same Page on North Korea - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis insisted on Thursday that he was not at odds with President Trump over North Korea and asserted that the media had misinterpreted his recent remarks on how to deal with Pyongyang. Mr. Trump tweeted on ...and more »

Would America Have Been Able to Shoot down North Korea's Missile? - The National Interest Online (blog)

North Korea tested an intermediate range ballistic missile on August 28 during Pyongyang's latest provocation against the United States and its allies. During this latest missile test, the weapon overflew Japan. But did the United States or Tokyo have ...and more »

Diplomacy really can work against North Korea. Here's why. - Washington Post

On Wednesday, after North Korea fired a missile over Japan, President Trump announced that “talking to Pyongyang was not the answer.” Minutes later, his secretary of defense told reporters that “we're never out of diplomatic solutions.” As a ...and more »

Pentagon chief Mattis disputes suggestions that he and Trump do not see eye-to-eye - Washington Post

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis disputed Thursday that there is daylight between him and President Trump on key issues while acknowledging there is little he can do about such characterizations. Mattis, speaking to reporters at the Pentagon, cited several ...and more »

US fighter jets stage mock bombing drill over Korean Peninsula - CNN

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) Two days after North Korea flew a missile over Japan, the United States and South Korea staged their own show of force with state-of-the-art stealth fighters Thursday. Four US F-35B fighter jets joined two US B-1B bombers and ...and more »