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Latin America's Trump Whisperer - Americas Quarterly

Peru's president has a unique chance to show Trump how much the region has changed for the better. PPK. Presidencia Peru (Flickr) (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) Feb. 12, 2017. The year was 1967, and worried presidents from across the Americas gathered at a hotel ...and more »

Prosecutor calls for Fillon probe - SBS

Right-wing presidential candidate Francois Fillon has lost ground in the polls following revelations his wife had been paid for work she may not have done. Source: AAP. 25 Feb 2017 - 5:52 AM UPDATED 2 MINS AGO ...and more »

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Show Notes: wyd Google - The Verge

Before every episode of The Vergecast I sit down, read through a bunch of news, and take a bunch of notes. It's one of the most enjoyable parts of my week, and I started thinking it might be fun to do every day on the site. So, every day this week I'm ...

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Looking at Earth From Trappist-1 -

Years before I was born, the high school I'd eventually attend started to develop what would become an improbably well-appointed astronomy program. Construction on a small observatory on the outskirts of campus began in the early '80s, which ran almost ...

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Apple checking 'exploding' iPhone video - BBC News

Apple is investigating claims that a US woman's iPhone 7 Plus "exploded" and caught fire. Brianna Olivas, 18, from Tucson, Arizona, was sleeping with the phone nearby when her boyfriend noticed it smoking and emitting a strange noise. He moved the ...