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Samsung Galaxy S8 Aims to Dispel the Galaxy Note 7 Debacle - NDTV

Samsung seems to be playing it safe - at least with its battery - as it unveils its first major smartphone since the embarrassing recall of its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes, both bigger than comparable models ...

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Trump's outlook going from bad to worse - CNN

(CNN) As the White House scans Washington for a bounce-back win after the Obamacare imbroglio, the political forecast is promising only heavy weather. An unappetizing list of looming congressional showdowns, complex, months-long legislative ...

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Stephen King's It is horror at its most unconventional. The new film's trailer is the exact opposite. - Vox

Is the film leaning into modern horror clichés, or is the trailer just badly edited? Updated by Aja [email protected] Mar 30, 2017, 11:50am EDT. tweet · share. Pennywise isn't really a clown, but nobody ever remembers that part. Warner Bros. / YouTube.