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Best Smart Speakers 2018 - Tom's Guide

There's a good chance that your first smart home device will be a smart speaker. For one, it works just fine as a way to play music from your smartphone or the cloud. But if you start talking to it, the speaker will respond to your commands. It can do ...and more »

How to Make Your Own Smart Speaker - Gizmodo

If you like the idea of the Amazon Echo, the Google Home, or the Apple HomePod, but you'd rather not spend any money on any of them, would prefer to control as many of the variables as possible, or just want something fun to do over the weekend you can ...and more »

You Can Now Get HuffPost's Flash Briefing On Amazon's Echo Show - HuffPost

With 24.5 million “voice-first devices” expected to ship this year, voice-enabled platforms are becoming a prevalent way for people to find and learn about the latest news. That's why we're expanding our daily flash briefing on Amazon Echo to include ...and more »

Amazon's new video device, Echo Show, is getting publisher attention - Digiday

The Amazon Echo Show, the $230 audio and video device launched in early May, is years away from being a niche product. But large digital publishers are already crowding onto its small screen. On Wednesday, a group of them, including CNN, CNBC ...and more »

Amazon Echo Show Review: Alexa Will See You Now - Tom's Guide

While it's not the most elegant-looking piece of hardware, the Amazon Echo Show's display and camera bring an added dimension of functionality to Alexa. 7/10. Very good. $229.99 Amazon. If you've ever used a laptop or a smartphone, a touch screen and a ...and more »

Adobe: Echo Dot now leads voice speaker sales - TechCrunch

In the nascent connected speaker market, consumers appear to be gravitating toward the more affordably priced Amazon Echo Dot, according to new e-commerce sales data released this morning by Adobe . However, Google's decision to release its Echo ...and more »

Amazon's Vision of Computing's Future: An Information Appliance - New York Times

In the late 1970s, Jef Raskin, a pioneering technologist who was one of Apple's earliest employees, sketched out a radical vision for the future of computing. Computers, he argued, should work like home appliances. The ideal computer would require ...and more »

It's Not the Screen That Makes Amazon's Echo Show Interesting. It's the Strategy. - Fortune

On Wednesday Amazon officially released the Echo Show, the retailer's first speech-enabled, Internet-connected speaker with a built-in touch screen. The original Echo was already a hit with consumers; with the addition of a display, it comes into its ...and more »

CNN Expands Content Offerings on Amazon Alexa - CNN (blog)

Building on the CNN Skill made available to Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Echo Dot owners in 2016, CNN has expanded its offerings on Amazon platforms to include daily 'Flash Briefings' and programming for the new Amazon Echo Show product. On Amazon's ...and more »

Alexa, help! Amazon just hit me with the worst tech support ever - ZDNet

0:00. Autoplay: onoff. share; fullscreen. Video: Amazon Echo Dot is the smartest no-brainer ever. Amazon Echo: It sucks. It's awesome. It sucks. We want two more. Amazon's Echo is something special. It's also rock-stupid. In this hands-on, ZDNet's ...and more »