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Apple AirPods review: wireless that wows, earbuds that don't - The Verge

Wireless is the future." That's how Apple CEO Tim Cook justified removing the headphone jack from the newest line of iPhones. You won't need a headphone jack in the future, Cook argued, because wires will be a thing of the past. To back up that vision ...and more »

iStockNow tells you which Apple Stores have AirPods in stock right now - TechCrunch

One of the best things about Apple's retail strategy is that when it comes to inventory, they don't ignore their brick-and-mortar stores like some other retailers do. So while the initial inventory of a product like AirPods may sell out online within ...and more »

Apple says it will replace lost AirPod for $99 -

APPLE'S AirPods have been met with praise, but what happens if you lose or accidentally damage one of the tiny gadgets? Matthew Dunn@mattydunn11 · 22, 20169:11am. Video; Image. Play Video. Play. Mute. Current Time 0:00. /. Duration ...and more »

Try to Dissect Apple's New AirPods and You'll Shed Blood - WIRED

Apple's sleek AirPods represent the company's vision of a hands-free, wireless future. Sure, the sound is only fair to middling, but Apple made them ridiculously convenient. And they're here to stay, because Apple eliminated the headphone jack on the ...and more »

Hands-on: AirPods versus Powerbeats3, Apple's new wireless W1 earphones compared - 9 to 5 Mac

Apple currently makes two sets of earphones that include their new W1 chip: AirPods and Powerbeats3. The W1 chip enables instant pairing over Bluetooth and automatic pairing to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch over iCloud. Beats Solo3 also have the ...and more »

AirPods: Top Features – Was it worth the wait? [Video] - 9 to 5 Mac

After unexpectedly receiving my AirPods two days earlier than the scheduled delivery date, I've been enjoying them for the last few hours. The AirPods, which were first unveiled back at Apple's iPhone 7 event in early September, endured a delay, but ...and more »

Apple Will Charge You $69 for Lost AirPods - MakeUseOf

Apple's new AirPods look and feel like the future. However, if you're planning on buying some AirPods then please do everything in your power to hold onto them. Because if you lose one, Apple will charge you $69 for a replacement. And that's just for ...and more »

You won't be able to fix Apple AirPods yourself and you probably shouldn't try - TechCrunch

When it comes to headphones — particularly those of the in-ear variety — DIY repairs are generally a no-go. If it's a frayed wire shorting out, sure, grab your soldering iron and get to tinkering… but if it's anything more complicated than that, you ...and more »

Apple AirPods Are Too Simple for Their Own Good - Gizmodo

When they were first announced in September, it was obvious that AirPods were Apple's attempt to distract everyone from the iPhone's lack of a headphone jack. At $160, AirPods are Apple's version of truly wireless earphones, a gadget lots of companies ...and more »

Review: Apple's AirPod Wireless Earbuds Are Almost Perfect - TIME

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 this year, one controversial move stood out: The Cupertino, Calif.'s flagship smartphone no longer features a headphone jack. Instead, users connect older headphones to the phone's port via an adapter, use the included ...and more »