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Belarus Is Going to “War” — With a Fake Country - Foreign Policy (blog)

A made-up nation created for Belarusian-Russian military drills has sparked the national imagination. By Kavitha Surana. | August 31, 2017, 4:02 PM. (FILES) Picture taken on September 24, 2009 shows Belarussian soldiers near an S-300 surface-to-air ...and more »

Belarus declares war on imaginary country within borders of Belarus that is better than Belarus - The Register

The former Soviet republic of Belarus has declared war on an imaginary country that exists within its own borders. The unprecedented move – which to be honest sounds no more or less mad than most of the rest of the news in these increasingly ...and more »

Belarus at 'war' with imaginary country of Veyshnoria - BBC News

A country invented as part of military exercises in Belarus has caught the imagination of locals, who have created a foreign ministry, flag, history and even its own Wikipedia page for the fictional nation. Veyshnoria is one of three states made up for ...and more »

Fictional rogue state becomes online sensation in Belarus - The Sun Daily

MINSK: A separatist republic invented by the Russian and Belarusian militaries to serve as a fictitious foe in upcoming war games has sparked a wave of tongue-in-cheek support online and citizenship applications. Minsk said the joint Zapad-2017 drills ...and more »

Troops Of Veyshnoria To Help Novgorod Republic, Tver Duchy - Charter 97

Coordinator of the “European Belarus” civil campaign Dzmitry Bandarenka said this to the, while commenting on the West-2017 map, where the North-East of Belarus had been desigтated as a separate state, hostile to Putin and Lukashenka ...and more »

Have You Heard Of Veyshnoria? - Forces Network

You'd be forgiven for not being able to pinpoint Veyshnoria, Lubenia and Vesbaria on a map. These three fictional countries have been created for Zapad 2017, the planned joint strategic military exercise of Russian and Belarusian armed forces ...and more »