Allies defend Boris Johnson after No 10 disowns Saudi remarks - The Guardian

Boris Johnson's allies have spoken up to defend the under-pressure foreign secretary, saying he was right to accuse Saudi Arabia of waging “proxy wars” in the Middle East, despite Downing Street disowning the remarks. Several Conservative MPs defended ...and more »

Labour accuses Boris Johnson of 'shabby hypocrisy' over Saudi Arabia - Politics live - The Guardian (blog)

NHS England has released figures showing that delayed discharges from hospitals are at their highest levels since monthly statistics started being collected in 2010. (See 2.59pm.) Aslef, the rail union, has called for Chris Grayling's resignation as ...and more »

Why some papers kept quiet about Boris Johnson's row with Theresa May - The Guardian

Big story on the inside pages of the Times and Sun. But no comment from either paper. Photograph: Clipshare. Media · Greenslade. Why some papers kept quiet about Boris Johnson's row with Theresa May. Roy Greenslade. The Times, Sun, Mail and ...and more »

The problem with Boris Johnson's Saudi comments - BBC News

It is Boris Johnson's fate that even when he is right he is wrong. Few would disagree with the foreign secretary when he says that Saudi Arabia and Iran are engaging in proxy wars in the Middle East. Not everyone would use his language, accusing both ...and more »

Boris Johnson doesn't deserve our mockery for calling out Saudi Arabia – he deserves our admiration - The Independent

Look everybody – we've got an ethical foreign policy run by a liberal Foreign Secretary. Instead of dropping real bombs, he's dropping truth bombs. Surely that's good news? OK, everyone's laughing at Boris again. This time his “undiplomatic” language ...and more »

Johnson says Saudi Arabia is a 'puppeteer' in Middle East proxy wars - The Guardian

Boris Johnson accused Saudi Arabia of abusing Islam and acting as a puppeteer in proxy wars throughout the Middle East, in remarks that flout a longstanding Foreign Office convention not to criticise the UK's allies in public. The foreign secretary ...and more »

Boris Johnson was right about Saudi Arabia - The Times (subscription)

Realpolitik. What a cosy diplomatic blanket of a word this is. It is used by politicians and civil servants as a comforter to snuggle into whenever the cold jab of human rights abuses, starving children and bombed out schools threatens to intrude ...and more »

Johnson unrepentant over Saudi 'puppeteers' attack - The Times (subscription)

Boris Johnson at the Med 2 conference in Rome last week. A video recording shows him accusing Middle Eastern politicians of twisting and abusing Islam for their own political ends. Allies of Boris Johnson reacted with anger last night after Downing ...and more »

After a year of boldness, Saudi Arabia is in retreat - The Economist

IN JANUARY this year Muhammad bin Salman, the young deputy crown prince who in effect runs Saudi Arabia, declared an end to his country's “comatose” foreign policy and a determination to push back against Iran. The Syrian rebels he supported looked ...and more »

This time it's Saudi Arabia: even when Boris Johnson gets it right, he's wrong - The Guardian

Boris Johnson's criticisms of Saudi Arabia's illegal bombing in Yemen and lethal proxy war with Iran in Syria are broadly accurate. Sadly, they do not signal a shift in British policy – as the government's statement distancing itself from his comments ...and more »