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Boyfriend proposes to deaf woman hearing for first time in emotional video - The Independent

If you've waited your whole life to be able to hear properly for the first time, then you might think that the moment simply couldn't get any better. But for Mississippi Medical Centre patient Andrea Diaz, the emotional day took an even more poignant ...and more »

Amazing moment deaf woman hears for first time is made even better by boyfriend's announcement -

This is the amazing moment a woman hears for the first time, but what happens next is a real tear-jerker. As Andrea Diaz starts hearing noises she begins to cry, as she cannot believe what is happening. The footage shows Andrea testing the sound level ...and more »

Man proposes to deaf girlfriend the moment she hears properly for the first time - Metro

This is the heartwarming moment a deaf woman was able to hear for the first time with the help of a cochlear implant. But it was what happened straight after that blew her away. Andrea Diaz had just received the implant – an electronic device that can ...and more »

Watch: man proposes to his deaf girlfriend after she hears for the first time -

The emotional moment a deaf woman was able to hear for the first time has been captured in a tear-jerking video. Andrea Diaz went to hospital where she was fitted with a cochlear implant – a device that allows people to hear when they have difficulty ...and more »

Thanks To A Cochlear Implant, This Woman Could Hear Her Boyfriend Propose - Huffington Post

The day that a deaf woman received a cochlear implant became even more memorable when her boyfriend asked her to marry him. A video posted by the University of Mississippi Medical Center on Wednesday shows Andrea Diaz reacting to the implant — which ...and more »

Heartwarming moment a woman bursts into tears when she recovers her hearing following surgery... and her boyfriend ... - Daily Mail

This is the delightful moment a young woman recovered her hearing thanks to surgery... and was proposed to by her boyfriend moments later. The girl had received a cochlear implant and was having the device switched on for the very first time in America ...and more »

Man proposes to his deaf girlfriend the moment she hears for the first time - AOL News

When Andrea Diaz made her appointment to receive a cochlear implant at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, she knew her life was going to change forever -- but what she probably didn't expect was for it to be drastically different in more ...and more »

Cochlear implant recipient able to hear boyfriend's proposal - Jackson Clarion Ledger

Note: The video has been removed from UMMC's Facebook page at the request of the couple. A University of Mississippi Medical Center appointment for a cochlear implant recipient began with her hearing again — and ended with a proposal. In a video ...and more »

Aww … Man Proposes to Deaf Girlfriend the First Moment She Could Hear | Watch - Bella Naija

At a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi in the US, a deaf woman Andrea Diaz, was able to hear from the first time with the help of a cochlear implant – an electronic hearing device put under the skin behind the ear for those who have difficulty using ...and more »

Emotional moment boyfriend's marriage proposal is first thing young woman hears after cochlear implant -

By Claire Lomas, video source Facebook. 12:24PM GMT 17 Mar 2016. After receiving a cochlear implant, patients of UMMC ENT and Communicative Sciences audiologist Dr. Vicki Gonzalez are sometimes overcome with emotions when the device is turned on and ...and more »