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Australia Boosts Spending to Keep Great Barrier Reef off "in Danger" List - Scientific American

SYDNEY, Dec 2 (Reuters) - Australia will spend A$1.3 billion ($965.3 million) in the next five years to improve the water quality and wellbeing of the Great Barrier Reef to prevent the World Heritage Site being placed on the United Nation's "in danger ...and more »

What is coral bleaching and why is it a problem? - CBBC Newsround

Rising sea temperatures have caused coral bleaching across the Great Barrier Reef on a scale never seen before. Two-thirds of Australia's world-famous reef is now damaged by bleaching. Bleaching is becoming a real problem for the coral reefs across the ...and more »

Understanding the conditions that foster coral reefs' caretaker fishes - The Conversation US

Whitespotted surgeonfish (Acanthurus guttatus), found in the Indo-Pacific, crop the upper portion of algae while feeding, preventing macroalgae from becoming established on reefs. Kevin Lino/NOAA. Understanding the conditions that foster coral reefs ...and more »

Great Barrier Reef Threatened by Climate Change, Chemicals and Sediment - New York Times

SYDNEY, Australia — Climate change and the flow of farm chemicals and coastal sediment into the waters that wash over one of Australia's most significant nature areas, the Great Barrier Reef, pose the biggest threats to its survival, according to a ...and more »

Great Barrier Reef progress report: We have to do better on water quality, says Australia - The Guardian

Bait Island on the Great Barrier Reef. The scope of efforts to save the world heritage site are unparalleled, an Australian government report says. Photograph: Justin Blank. Australia needs to work faster on lifting water quality to save the Great ...and more »

Two-thirds of Australians think reef crisis is 'national emergency' – poll - The Guardian

A scientist assesses coral on the Great Barrier Reef. Australians support strong measures to protect it, a poll shows. Photograph: HANDOUT/Reuters. More than two-thirds of Australians think the condition of the Great Barrier Reef should be declared a ...and more »

Worst-recorded coral bleaching event to continue into 2017 - Climate Home

Bleaching in American Samoa during February 2015. The same reefs will be exposed to raised temperatures again in the coming months. Source: Caitlin Seaview Survey. By Karl Mathiesen. The world's longest-running coral bleaching event, which has ...and more »

Promoting resilient coral reefs in a changing climate - Phys.Org

The third and longest global coral bleaching event on record started in 2014 and continues to damage reefs around the globe. While it's true coral reef ecosystems have been knocked down, they have certainly not been knocked out. It is not too late to ...and more »

Great Barrier Reef report to UN shows the poor progress on water quality - The Conversation AU

Water quality is one of the biggest threats facing the Great Barrier Reef. Tatters ❀/Flickr, CC BY-NC. Great Barrier Reef report to UN shows the poor progress on water quality. December 1, 2016 11.55pm EST. Jon Brodie. Author. Jon Brodie. Professorial ...and more »

Great Barrier Reef 'not dying', Australia insists - Phys.Org

The Great Barrier Reef is "not dying", Australia insisted Friday as it updated UNESCO on efforts to protect the natural wonder while scientists blasted a lack of urgency in dealing with climate change. Canberra last year narrowly avoided the UN body ...and more »