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Aircraft Carrier Wasn't Sailing to Deter North Korea, as US Suggested - New York Times

WASHINGTON — Just over a week ago, the White House declared that ordering an American aircraft carrier into the Sea of Japan would send a powerful deterrent signal to North Korea and give President Trump more options in responding to the North's ...and more »

North Korea threatens to sink US aircraft carrier - CNN

Tokyo (CNN) North Korea on Sunday threatened to sink an American aircraft carrier that is beginning joint drills with two Japanese destroyers in the western Pacific Ocean. The USS Carl Vinson will be joined by the Ashigara and Samidare destroyers in ...and more »

North Korea stages big artillery drill as US submarine docks in South - Reuters

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea conducted a big live-fire exercise on Tuesday to mark the foundation of its military and a U.S. submarine docked in South Korea in a show of force amid growing concern over the North's nuclear and missile programs. The ...and more »

US Navy Jet Crashes, Pilot Ejects As Aircraft Carrier Finally Heads Toward North Korea - Jalopnik

A Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter crashed into the ocean and the pilot ejected unharmed while on approach to land on the USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier that was briefly confused to have been off the coast of the Korean Peninsula during North ...and more »

'Armada' Trump claimed was deployed to North Korea actually heading to Australia - The Independent

Four warships Donald Trump claimed were being sent to North Korea last week, were in fact steaming in the opposite direction to take part in military exercises with the Australian Navy over 3,500 miles away. The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and ...and more »

North Korea 'ready to sink' US aircraft carrier Vinson - BBC News

North Korea is "ready to sink" a US aircraft carrier heading for the peninsula, state media have said. A commentary in the Rodong Sinmun newspaper warned that the USS Carl Vinson could be sunk "with a single strike". A battle group headed by the Vinson ...and more »

The White House's misleading statements about Trump's 'armada' heading to North Korea - Washington Post

Remember that U.S. aircraft carrier that was headed to the Korean Peninsula as both the Trump administration and North Korea began to talk tough with one another? It turns out it wasn't — at least, not when we were led to think it was. The Trump ...and more »

Carried away: The inside story of how the Carl Vinson's canceled port visit sparked a global crisis -

In early April, officials at U.S. Pacific Command were developing plans to respond to a sharp rise in tensions with North Korea. Defense Secretary James Mattis ordered PACOM Commander Adm. Harry Harris to come up with "robust and sustainable" options ...and more »

That 'Armada' Heading To North Korea? Actually, It Sailed South - NPR

The "armada" that President Trump said he was sending to deter North Korea still hasn't arrived — and it has thousands more miles to cover if it actually does sail to the Korean Peninsula. The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and its strike group ...and more »

Donald Trump's 'very powerful armada' he claimed to be sending to North Korea was actually heading to AUSTRALIA -

When Donald Trump warned North Korea he was sending a "very powerful armada" to the region, it was actually heading to AUSTRALIA, it has emerged. The aircraft carrier strike group the President boasted of was still far from the Korean peninsula, and ...and more »