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Corbyn sacks three frontbenchers after single market vote - The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn has sacked three Labour frontbenchers who voted against the party in favour of a Queen's speech amendment calling for Britain to remain within the customs union and single market. Queen's speech passes as 50 Labour MPs defy Corbyn and ...and more »

The Centrist Suicide Note - Jacobin magazine

Jeremy Corbyn's recent success has finally deflated New Labour's favorite boogeyman: Michael Foot's 1983 general election defeat. Jeremy Corbyn in Glasgow on June 7, 2017. jeremy_corbynmp / Instagram. The Keynesian Counterrevolution · Mike Beggs · Elon ...and more »

Labour refuses call to criticise Theresa May for pulling Britain out of EU single market in Lords vote - The Independent

Labour has refused to back an amendment put forward by one of its senior peers criticising Theresa May for pulling Britain out of the EU single market. Jeremy Corbyn ordered his peers to abstain on the vote, despite leading Labour figures hinting, in ...and more »

Thank Jeremy Corbyn, not Theresa May, for the Conservatives' latest U-turn - The Independent

Downing Street sources signalled that the public sector pay cap will be reviewed. It was due to last until 2019 but now looks likely to be ended in the Budget this autumn. Andrew Grice · @IndyPolitics; Wednesday 28 June 2017 15:42 BST. Click to follow ...and more »

Commons rejects Labour's amendment to Queen's speech - as it happened - The Guardian (blog)

MPs voted to reject Labour's proposal to amend the Queen's speech to call for an end to the public sector pay cap. Jeremy Corbyn said ministers had missed an opportunity to “put their money where their mouth is”, while Tim Farron accused DUP MPs of ...and more »

Public sector pay cap: All the MPs who voted against Labour's proposal - The Independent

Conservative and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MPs have voted down Labour's attempts to reverse the long-running freeze on public sector pay. The pay rate for workers in the public sector has been frozen at one per cent rises since 2010 and Labour ...and more »

The UK Government Gets By With A Little Help From Its Friends - Forbes

Frances Coppola , Contributor I write about banking, finance and economics. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. After three weeks of chaos since the inconclusive General Election on June 8, the not-very-United Kingdom finally has a ...and more »

Britain's Political Revolution: how Brexit, immigration and housing became flashpoints of change - The Independent

Britain is experiencing profound political changes, going by the outcome of the general election, but new trends are shadowy, developing below the surface. It may be that Labour's relative success – achieved amid confident predictions by pundits of ...and more »

Commons Confidential: Herod in the House - New Statesman

The spell cast over Theresa May by the youthful Gavin Williamson and Cronus, his pet tarantula, leaves envious Tory rivals accusing him of plotting to succeed the Stand-In Prime Minister. The wily Chief Whip is eyed suspiciously as a baby-faced ...and more »

They may be tone-deaf, but Gay Pride's posters won't spoil the celebration - New Statesman

If Eurovision is queer Christmas, then Pride is queer New Year's. While Eurovision is spent indoors with 6,000 calories worth of snacks and a (drag) queen's speech (at some point, probably…), Pride is, for the most part, spent boozing in crowds and ...and more »